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What green watch

Alright all, @drcarter13 has inspired me and I now think I may need some more green in the watch box. While I'd love to add that by ways of the breitling B09 pistachio, green Omega AT, Fluted bezel Ro...
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New Chronograph options?

Recently received a bonus at work and may also be receiving a raise in the coming months. With a lot of other things coming up and not to mention I am due for a new watch I wanted to get some opinions...
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Seiko WTF?!?!?!

Woke up at my normal time to find out I have about a 4 hour delay due to inclement weather. So scrolling through instagram and see that seiko is relea...

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commented on Ques845's WRUW

I have a hydroconquest as well, but I plan on getting rid of it.

commented on Ques845's WRUW

For real 馃槀

commented on Ques845's WRUW

Always appreciated Danilo!!!

commented on New Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT - Master Chronometer

Hate it... well not the watch but that they released this. I went with the 39mm Spirit Zulu over the BB pro JUST LAST YEAR because of thickness. But now they release a METAS-certified GMT with these sort of dimensions? I wish they knew that not all watch collectors are made of money or have self control.

commented on Huh?

Trying to tell time after grabbing the wrong Santos

commented on New Black Bay

I personally think this was the best of the releases from Tudor. They are playing to their market and although "boring" I think it will age very well. That said, I've been eyeing the Burgundy from last year prior to this release and I'm torn between the two.

commented on Ques845's WRUW

Thanks Danilo. Hopefully my next purchase will share just as much wrist time. Happy Sunday!!!

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2023 SOCT

Requested by none, wanted by鈥. also none, given by yours falsely Only thing missing is my FC highlife because I somehow left it in my travel bag and f...

Realistic five watch collection

So as I sit here at work, bored out of my mind I began to think about watches (as one usually does that is on this app/website). I know there are othe...

Either I'm stupid or I'm not buy the right tool

Recently just bought a tweezer tool in an attempt to switch out a bracelet for a nato strap on my Longines Hydroconquest and for the life of me I cann...

What's the Sinn in that?

This may sound dumb but how/where do people find Sinn ADs in the U.S. market? Ive tried googling the website but apparently I'm not doing something ri...

Rose Gold Bezel with a clean face

Seen this email today and like almost always got excited. I have flirted with the idea of buying a CW piece, and even tried to go to their showroom wh...