New Chronograph options?

Recently received a bonus at work and may also be receiving a raise in the coming months. With a lot of other things coming up and not to mention I am due for a new watch I wanted to get some opinions on chronographs. While I have a few chronos, I only have one with an automatic movement being the Mido Bellauna II. The Mido is great minus the fact that its a thick beefy boy and id probably want a thinner watch. I know its a chronograph so it wont be sub 11mm thick but I'm hoping to get a chronograph that just wears better. Here are a few ideas but feel free to suggest some others
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All the Longines are nice, they make great watches. But I would say the Muhle would stand out more, since you really don't see a lot of those around and are a great German brand with a lot of history, but it is thick.

Flip a series coins in a round robin contest. Regardless of the winner, you can鈥檛 lose. They are all great watches.

I voted for the Big Eye because how can I not choose the one I actually bought? It鈥檚 been a great choice for me.

Any Longines is a good choice. I don't know much about Muhle, it also looks good... but I'm sold on Longines, mostly the Big Eye