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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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Late post of The fugu diver

Late upload but one of the few divers I actually wear. Very clean simple esthetics and just an overall great design

Citizen Perpetual Calender

Bold N’ Gold

Love a good chronograph

Haven’t worn this one I a while but I do tend to lean more towards sporty watches as summer approaches

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commented on saintsamo's WRUW ·

when the light catches it just right the meteorite shines in certain areas as opposed to others. It looks amazing of course due to the nature of how the rock is cut everyone's dial will be unique to that specific watch which makes it intriguing in my opinion!

commented on D1g3ratus's WRUW ·

That’s exactly what I need! I think I’m gonna go for it 😎

commented on D1g3ratus's WRUW ·

I’ve been eyeing an instinct for a while. Need something rugged as a g shock but with a few more features

commented on What are the nicknames again? ·

I’m digging this strap!

commented on White Dials, please. ·

One of my white dial watches

commented on White Dials, please. ·

Damn this dial is clean! 🧼

commented on Bergeon 7825 spring bar tool ·

I always recommend collectors to drop a little extra $$ for general maintenance, cleaning and the like. It can go a long way to keep your collection looking and running smoothly. Of course I leave the serious repairs to the professionals. At least until i purchase one of those DIY watch kits Lol

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Keepin it simple

I need to add a few more Lume shots to my page Lol

Can’t go wrong with a Casio

Casio A168

Retro Vibes today!

I realized I’ve misplace or flat out lost most of my Casio collection so I decided it’s high time to start replacing them and given the more than reas...

New York Knicks blue & Orange

Been a knicks fan since Ewing and Starks were our all stars Lol

Always have time for a Bulova

Todays go-to

Sunday’s best!

Bulova open heart getting me thru the day!