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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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This Week’s Watch — Week 4: Longines Conquest 39mm

Took a while to track down the 39mm version, but definitely worth it, as I think it’s really the goldilocks size for this type of watch. I’m a fan of...

This Week’s Watch — Week 3: Brew Metric

FedEx had great timing! My new Brew Metric arrived just in time for week 3 of #thisweekswatch ! Going to be a fun one! 🥳 March 25-31

💰Tax Refund = Out of Character Watch Purchases?

My wife and I reached an agreement regarding our tax refund; if she gets her long-awaited backyard landscaping projects, and there’s still a bit left...

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commented on Which would you choose? ·

Blued hands all day e’ery day 👌

commented on Behold the lume on my G-Shock GA 2200SKL! ·

I’ve seen some cheap lume ring mods on eBay. Seems like a simple swap, and the results look like a solid improvement. 🍻

commented on jcwatch's WRUW ·

That looks awesome! Never would’ve thought to pair it with an orange strap! 💯Test pilot vibes

commented on This Week’s Watch — Week 4: Longines Conquest 39mm ·

@Bearclaw @Ultradoug , totally agree, the bracelet is definitely the weak point of this watch. Polished center links, no taper, and butterfly clasp :/ if it were a simple 3 link, brushed with a regular clasp and 4 holes of micro adjust, it might’ve been the ultimate affordable Explorer alternative. Still an awesome watch though!

commented on Bond 6538 Big Crown Submariner: Next best thing? ·

Lorier Neptune gets my vote.

commented on Maddox's WRUW ·

Congrats!! Great looking watch! 💯

commented on Hodonkee's WRUW ·

Longines absolutely nailed that warm, aged lume look. That NATO suits it perfectly as well. 👌

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This Week’s Watch — Week 2: Lorier Hyperion Skyward Edition

Up next for #thisweekswatch , is my Lorier Hyperion Skyward. The latest addition to the collection, and the final(?😏) piece of my Lorier trio. Beauti...

This Week’s Watch — Week 1: Seiko Alpinist 1959 Reinterpretation

Kicking off my “one-watch-per-week” experiment with a true GADA piece. I’d be hard pressed to think of a situation where this watch would be out of it...

Anyone Else Using “The Watch Space” News Aggregator?

Heard about this on a recent episode of Scottish Watches Podcast; it’s actually pretty awesome. Nice to have articles, YouTube, and podcasts all curat...

State of the Lume! 🔦

All right, Crunchers! It’s Saturday night, breakout that flashlight, charge up your watchbox and light it up 💪🔦💡 . . . . . . . Top row L to R: Seik...

Finally Tracked Down This Discontinued Longines!

This model (except it was the 41mm version) had been on my radar a couple of years ago, but I never made the move to purchase one because I wasn’t rea...

First Purchase of 2024 Inbound! Any Guesses What It Is?

Made it a whole month into the new year before pulling the trigger on a new watch! Any guesses as to what UPS will be delivering to my door this week?...