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GullibleAndroid ·

Newest Studio Underd0g Release!! 🍕

Just got an email announcing the new release! Super excited for this one!! Hope they offer a veggie lovers’ or deep dish colorway if they do a V2. . ....
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My Flieger Dilemma

I really enjoy aviation watches, from my faithful old Citizen Nighthawk to the Longines Spirit I'm saving up for. And from almost the beginning, a Flieger has been a part of my collection in some form...
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My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉)

It’s a moving target, for sure, but I think I’ve nailed down my “realistic” dream watch collection. Not talking win-the-lottery-buy-Lange’s-whole-cata...
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GullibleAndroid commented on Newest Studio Underd0g Release!! 🍕 ·

Low-key, I was too haha 💸

GullibleAndroid commented on I de-influence the PRX ·

Totally agree about the cult-like universal praise for the PRX, it’s definitely a flawed watch; but I think that can be said of any watch, really. I’m also not crazy about the planned obsolescence. However, at the end of the day, things like dimensions are 1000% subjective. I think @Puffin’s point, is that the sentiment: the PRX is for “beginner collectors,” smacks a little of snobbery. I think we should all take a step back and realize that it’s totally fine to simply dislike something for many reasons or no reason at all. There’s no perfect watch, just the perfect watch for you. 🍻

GullibleAndroid commented on My Flieger Dilemma ·

Great suggestion! It is astonishing what SWC gives you for the price! Some of the best looking, most well thought-out, and well executed micro brands out there… it’s just… that name 🤦‍♂. It’s an absolute shame such fantastic watches are attributed to a company that sounds like they asked their 6 year old kid to come up with the name, or maybe it was just to target some SEO. Genuinely, not hating, just so disappointed. I have no doubt SWC would be considered among the top micro brands alongside the likes of Zelos, if they had a better name.

— ok,ok, probably shouldn’t have written this right after reading that most recent “Don’t Buy This Watch” post. Haha

GullibleAndroid commented on Don't Buy This Watch, Vol. II ·

Honestly, this post exemplifies why I’ve grown to love the WC community. I can’t think of any other watch forum where this kind of sacred cow BBQ would be received with such good humor.

Looking forward to Vol. III, gents!👏

GullibleAndroid commented on Micro Tournament Finals: Formex Vs. AnOrdain ·

Would happily own a watch from either of these brands! Even voted for AnOrdain in most of their matchups. But ultimately, I think innovation and technical prowess won out over sheer beauty for me. (Actually being able to buy one helps too).

@AllTheWatches, thanks for putting on this tournament! It’s been fun! 🍻

GullibleAndroid commented on New to Watchcrunch ·

Welcome! Great collection! I especially love that Longines 👌

GullibleAndroid commented on The square dress watch rabbit hole ·

Thanks! And congrats on the new Cambridge! I’m finding it a fun “strap swapper” watch.

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GullibleAndroid ·

Picked Up A Tasty New Strap for the American Clipper

Not usually one for leather straps in anything besides black or brown, but really love how this compliments the dial. (Thanks for the inspiration @Myc...
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GullibleAndroid ·

How Did We Get Here??

Since the "About" portion of WC profiles doesn't really facilitate a narrative format, I thought I'd highlight my "watch journey" so far in an actual...
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Your Collection Is Gone— Rebuild, Trade Up, or Cash-out?

You wake up one morning to find that your carefully curated watch collection has been stolen in the night! The thieves have exceptional taste, so your watch box was the only thing taken. Fortunately,...
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“I’m done with any more watch acquisitions for a while” …yeeaahhh… about that… In all seriousness, despite not looking for new pieces, the opportunity...
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Nice To See MIDO Getting Some Attention In The North American Market!

I really like the MIDOs in my collection for their great fit and finish, original design language, and interesting heritage. I rarely see them"in the...
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How Do You Organize Your Watchbox?

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Snowy afternoon + Mod kit just arrived = #NWA

This impromptu “CasiOffshore” is thanks to a bargain bin (ie ebay listing with no bids haha) G-Shock in a Halloween color way, that apparently no one...
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