What green watch

Alright all, @drcarter13 has inspired me and I now think I may need some more green in the watch box. While I'd love to add that by ways of the breitling B09 pistachio, green Omega AT, Fluted bezel Rolex DJ, or better yet, the Omega Constellation Globe master 馃い, those are slightly more than id want to spend. This is a watch I may wear on my wedding day next month so just saving up for one of those isn't necessarily feasible (sure I could wear a watch I already have but where's the fun in that). I'm currently looking at two watches that fall roughly in the same price, from brands that I'm pretty familiar with and just love the opinions from you fine folks.
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Gonna offer this, second opportunity I've had to post it today!


I highly recommend Frederick Constant!

Both options you have are great choices but look at Raymond Weil too. They have some great green Freelancers


Had this exact Conquest on wrist at the AD yesterday. Lives up to the hype!