What does NOT currently owning any of the 54 brands participating in this year's watches and wonders trade show say about a watch enthusiast?

Please select the option that best describes someone who doesn't own any of the 54 brands from watches and wonders. Also, leave a comment supporting your poll option selection. Thank you for participating.

Brands list for your reference:


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It says there is a lot of choice out there

I'd say out of the bazillion brands, and not including ANY homage stuff/Ali stuff, this just means the person doesn't happen to like anything from those 54. YMMV.

it says that they are not snobs 鈥

It doesn鈥檛 say anything!


Is Seiko not going to watches and wonders? Surely Grand Seiko is (I'd say that "counts")? That said, nothing bad about not owning any of those brands. One of my favourite brands, Ebel, isn't represented either.

Haha I have around 70 watches and I didn't even know what watches and wonders was. To me it says that some people buy what they like and don't listen to paid advertisements haha aka "watch influencers"

Consumer goods trade shows are kind of silly, especially luxury goods like this

Plenty of options outside of the 54 brands. I would praise those enthusiasts who walk there own path.

Says nothing.