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ChronoGuy ·

Salmon-ella infection update...

So my previous post dealt with the affliction some of us have of not being able to resist salmon dials. Here is that posting: https://www.watchcrunch....
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ChronoGuy ·

What types of watch design give you a viscerally negative reaction (or positive reaction)?

So I was reading my email today and received the daily update from WatchTime. I opened the link saw this watch and my stomach literally heaved with ne...
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ChronoGuy ·

Pin and collar systems were devised by Satan! Anyone else agree with me?

So I just finished sizing a bracelet for my Seiko Presage Blackout Cocktail Time and for my Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Blue/White. Each has a different...
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ChronoGuy commented on Are we all on WatchCrunch to flex... to ourselves? The "Inner Flex": Thomas Schelling, game theory, nuclear deterrence, time inconsistent utility functions, and watches ·

My favorite way to prepare it is with a beef broth combined with fresh basil and Italian seasonings plus some fresh garlic - you simmer the broth with the seasonings, then when you feel the broth has been infused, dump in the pastina a bit at a time as it will expand after a couple of minutes. Then you can make it thin like a soup or thick like a rice dish. Add some fresh romano or parmesan cheese and you have it. If you don't mind carbs, then some fresh Italian bread that you can use to scoop out the pasta from the bowl takes it to the next level. 

ChronoGuy commented on Are we all on WatchCrunch to flex... to ourselves? The "Inner Flex": Thomas Schelling, game theory, nuclear deterrence, time inconsistent utility functions, and watches ·

Link please....

ChronoGuy commented on Are we all on WatchCrunch to flex... to ourselves? The "Inner Flex": Thomas Schelling, game theory, nuclear deterrence, time inconsistent utility functions, and watches ·

Hijacking the thread, I'd vote for Pastina - my favorite meal when I was a little Sicilian-American:

Pastina with egg and pecorino : r/pasta

So simple, so elegant, and oh so tasty! (can you tell it's lunch time)

ChronoGuy commented on Keep or not? ·

Depends on your economic situation. If you need the disposable cash to continue funding your hobby, then sell the watches you no longer want/use.

If you are fortunate enough that the above is not an issue, then by all means find someone worthy or interested in the hobby and gift them a watch. Or offer them up on this list to raise money for charity like a number of members do - that way you will make a watch collector happy and the recipients of the charity will bless you.

Personally I really don't like to handle retail transactions. I've had my experiences with other items on eBay and other platforms (Hey Amazon - why can't you stop your warehouse employees from stealing merchandise from your marketplace sellers). I prefer to avoid the hassle of selling something - even if it's for charity - you never know when you are going to get a disgruntled customer - not worth the hassle to me.

I just gift the watches I no longer want in the collection or I gift ones that a friend really admires (providing it's a reasonably priced one and not a sentimental piece). It makes them very happy which makes me very happy - that is something money cannot buy.

ChronoGuy commented on First vintage - 1976 Bulova ·

Great looking watch! Love that dial.

If a bracelet is original you should always keep it, even if you don't plan to use it. Someday if you sell the watch, it could add value to the buyer.

I just store them in a plastic sheath and write the name of the watch on the plastic so I know what watch they belong to.

ChronoGuy commented on Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly? ·

Another great video Max!

But let's face it - you are really putting lipstick on a pig here.

That vomit-green lume and incredibly dull black dial just whimper apathy.

You really did your best with some great straps, but it just couldn't overcome the blandness.

Simplicity does not need to be bland.


Hey Tudor - 

How about a richer black dial and, if you are going to use faux-tina, how about something that doesn't look like the floor of a bar after a Saturday night.

I can think of a watch brand that got this look right - maybe you should look at one of your competitors there in Switzerland - this is how you do it (although someone needs to tell Hamilton to lose the date complication):

ChronoGuy commented on Favorite Panda Dial Watches? ·

Oh boy - somehow I missed this one.

Now it's going to cost me to find one. 

That is an amazing choice! Smitten.

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ChronoGuy ·

What's your hack when original vintage bracelets don't fit?

So today I finally received the generic 22mm bracelet I ordered to replace the original signed bracelet for my 1974 Technos Chronograph. The sad reali...
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ChronoGuy ·

Let's Talk About Decompression Dive Watches....

So recently I posted an article about purchasing watches and related accessories on Aliexpress:
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What Have You Purchased on Aliexpress?

I've often wondered how many watch enthusiasts have considered, but then hesitated about purchasing watches and related accessories from Aliexpress. A...
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What's your favorite G-Shock and how many do you own?

I have to admit - I am not like most of the watch gang out here that started with a deep collection of Seikos and Casios. My collection started with v...
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ChronoGuy ·

What are your favorite vendors for Watch Straps?

So I was just sending some of my watch crew buddies a list of a number of watch strap vendors who I have purchased from over the course of the last se...
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ChronoGuy ·

MoonSwatch vs Certina DS Podium

So I was just watching the recent HODINKEE video on the MoonSwatch and it made me think about a watch I have in my collection. The MoonSwatch is $260...
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ChronoGuy ·

Let's Talk About The Lings Scam "Fake" Chronograph Watch

Lings Telemetre "Chronograph" - Manual OC 120 - 38mm - 18kt Gold-plated base metal - Black Leather strap - 35hrs For less than $200 I just couldn't re...
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