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Special delivery fresh from overseas...

The 50th Anniversary Casio book showed up at my door. I was quietly waiting for a couple weeks and thumbing through it, I'd say it was worth the wait....

An open heart digital? From a dystopian future?

Been meaning to showcase this one for a while. Now that I got my macro lens I think it's time. North Edge seems to offer a range of watches - mostly d...

So according to the Cosmo Phase, the next solar eclipse is in... oh shit.

So one of the fun little features of this astronomical digital is the "Solar Eclipse" mode that lists all the dates of this celestial event (to the ye...

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commented on TalkingDugong's WRUW ·

That's a new one to me. The dark dial ornamented by the lumed indices really sells it.

commented on 🧔🏻‍♂️ Can MEN wear BABY-G? ⌚👈🤣 ·

Now they're talkin. It looks like the regular sized square too. I'll have to take a closer look. Also in case you didn't know, there was a G-Shock Mini that came out at one point. The one I picked up was the GMN-500.

commented on My newest and last addition (for a very short time) ·

The early Edifice models have some serious swagger.

commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW ·

There isn't anything new in that style. You'd have to look for new vintage pieces, as used ones will probably have a different strap since they become fragile over time. They'll sometimes come up on ebay or wallapop, but you'd have to handle the bands carefully.

commented on 🧔🏻‍♂️ Can MEN wear BABY-G? ⌚👈🤣 ·

Baby-G's have some of the most unique and eclectic designs I've seen. Special colors, shapes, LCDs with dot matrix arrays or animations that you don't get on other Casio ranges. Definitely some cool stuff in there, but I'm just not sold on the name itself.

commented on Cheap womans watches. ·

Timex has a pretty strong selection of womens pieces, both quartz and mechanical.

commented on SunnyCrackit's WRUW ·

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Let the games begin...

Hmmm how high will it go?

Anyone thinking about grabbing the upcoming "tall" square G-Shock?

Model: GD-B500 Boasts Bluetooth connectivity and pedometer. Comes in at 46.3 x 41.5 x 11mm, making it the lightest and thinnest men's G-Shock so far....

"The perfect one-watch collection doesn't ex..."

Yeahhh around here owning just one watch might be amicably frowned upon anyway. But I suppose if they held a gun to my head forcing me to choose just...

Just a heads up that there's some pretty good clearance deals over at the US Casio outlet right now. Here's just a sampling.

Think I might grab a few if they're still around by the end of the weekend.

New leaked Casios. I guess that Casiotron was not a one-off.

Credit to https://www.instagram.com/geesgshock/ Glad to see the Casiotron continue. That metal square's looking pretty sleek as well.

Never thought I'd say this - esp. about a Casio - but I "got the call."

Yeah over here in Digitalville there's no calls, no SMS. No wait lists. When a digital watch comes out, like anything else you buy it online and if it...