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Soliciting Negative Opinions on Longines

Sometimes I feel WC can be an echo chamber, reinforcing one’s positive opinion on specific watches and brands. Well, I am fan of Longines and would lo...

PSA - A Job for a Watch Enthusiast

Passing on this email. ———- This is Ethan, I'm the Marketing Director at Exquisite Timepieces. We're looking to hire a watch enthusiast and I thought...

GasWorks Appreciation Society (NWA)

I am pleased to announce I have acquired a superb 1970 Seiko DX SeaLion from our friend Gareth. I received the watch yesterday and am truly amazed at...

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Magstime commented on For god's sake, can we finally put a fork in it? AKA, putting an end to threads about "which watch is a better investment?" or "which watch will hold its value better?" ·

Can we talk about homages now? Also, I thought 28 days was a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Aragon, which dealt with rehab.

Magstime commented on What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baumé and Mercier ·

B&M has minimal market presence these days. It was popular when I was a young man but it’s little known outside the watch enthusiast / aficionado community. I’ve seen more models in @TimePeaceTX’s post than I can recollect seeing elsewhere recently.

Magstime commented on Soliciting Negative Opinions on Longines ·

Thanks for the great write up. I tend to agree on the spirit and hydroconquest. Those have never piqued my interest. I am a fan of the master and heritage models for the most part. One of the brand’s more interesting releases was the UltraChron, which doesn’t get enough airtime imo.

Magstime commented on Magstime's WRUW ·

Thanks, DH!

Magstime commented on cyclopseye's WRUW ·

Very nice Raymond! I will certainly buy more Seikos (magazine not required) 🤣

Magstime commented on Magstime's WRUW ·

Thanks, Craig. I got a box full of micros so I truly agree!

Magstime commented on The Latest Limited Edition from Longines. ·

Hodinkee and Longines released a joint statement to the watch community:


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Sort of Secret Seiko Shopping

In return for clearing an old storage unit and treating my wife to lunch, I got to browse some Seikos. They look and wear great. @nightfury95 - the Ki...

Silver Arrow

I’ve been wanting this watch for months. Picked it up through Chrono24 at a local AD. Pleased with the watch and the price. I have an XL leather band...

King Seiko SPB 369 (6R55 movement)

Anyone familiar with this model? Prices are drifting down and the linen dial caught my attention. Thx.

Leather Strap or BoR Bracelet

Which do you think looks better on the Zodiac Olympos? Thanks.
64 votes ·

If Brands Only Aimed To Please Enthusiasts, They’d Go Bankrupt

Interesting read..

SPB411 1969 Navigator Timer Reissue

$1,500; 38.5mm; 6R54; LE of 1965 Pieces Posting as an fyi. Saw it today online.