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Timepiece Storage Flex or Faux Pas

I’m often blown away at the extent of WCs beautiful collections, and in particular, the hermetically sealed, french polished, ex-rainforest watch boxe...

Mission to the Moonphase

Having previously purchased a Mission to the Moon, and found it terribly plasticy, I'd vowed never to buy another one.. However(!) two important thing...

GS is soo shiny…

…I can tell the time in the reflection! (I don’t really like shiny, but this is impressive - especially when you consider the dial is gloss black!)

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commented on DON'T USE CRYSTALTIMES USA for your mod parts ·

I work for a MAJOR express logistics provider, and we recycle our tracking numbers within a month or two. It used to be very problematic when we used physical pre-printed labels and customers would be given batches of labels to use. But now our tracking numbers are entirely generated “fresh” the problem of clashes has massively reduced.

I would not see an issue if a B2C platform had been burnt in the past and they are trying to inform their consumers of the possible problem.

commented on Travel Tuesday! Post up your favorite GMT ·

Currently enjoying this little gem..

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

$40! 100m, Indiglo… might have inexplicably lost 5 hours the other night, but who’s counting!?

commented on Seeking feedback on watch accessory idea ·

Great concept!

Could you extend it to have a skirt which wraps around the sides of the laptop?

I find my poor bracelet gets damaged by the corners of the laptop rather than the top surface.

Good luck!

commented on Current SOTC ·

Really fun collection. I find a lot of women's watches can be pretty stale and boring, but this watch box is awesome!

Which is your favourite!?

Studio Underd0g would fit the theme and add a chronograph to the collection..

commented on Do you secretly judge other people's watch? ·

Watches are a nice little insight into that person and the sorts of things that matter to them.

"Judging" suggests a good/bad determination, and that's not what I'm doing when I look at someone's timepiece.

commented on Ex2 Flip to Ex2 ·

I was weighing up the two options last week and ended up buying a 2002 16570.

The newer models are pretty big and flashy in a world which seems to be trending towards smaller more classically sized timepieces.

There is something to be said for the newer bracelets, although I picked up an on-the-fly extension link from Steel Reef and it's really improved the old jangler. (It still jangles, but now it fits perfectly all the time!). Give one a shot if that's something which bugs you.

The new models are a lot more legible day/night and though subjective, I much prefer the orange arrow hand over the red. You get 70hrs power reserve over the 5 digit's 40, and the 3285 calibre is a bit more accurate these days +/-2s.

However, the 42mm case is borderline too large for my wrist (6.5"). It pushed it into the pure leisure/tool category. Whereas the 16570 is aging beautifully and can now be worn as a smaller neo-classic to a nice restaurant OR a week spelunking in a South American cave system..

For your wrist, you can certainly pull off the 42mm. But I think the old ones are a little less in your face, a little more subtle and soulful - especially if you've owned it for 13 years.

IF you live in Fort Lauderdale, wear hawaian shirts and have a speedboat, keep the old one and buy the new one.

IF you lead a quieter life, tinkering with old cars, savoring the occasional single malt, stick with the ol' faithful for another 13 years..

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