Looking to add some quartz

I've wanted a solid quartz watch in the relatively reasonable price range, without cheaping out. I've found these three options that I like for different reasons.

The citizen I like because of the eco-drive, titanium, and sapphire crystal. I'm not usually a busy dial guy, but the symmetry for some reason speaks to me.

The bulova I like because of the color, the shape, the movement with a smooth sweep, and the sapphire glass.

The Casio I like because of the color, sapphire, and the automatic time correcting with multi and 6 radio reception. All are relatively similar in price, but I'm not sure which one I like the most.

Was wondering if anybody has any of these models/has any insight on any of them?


The Bulova has the coolest movement and colorways IMO. I own the gold version and it's awesome - except the second hand is extremely thin to cut it's weight and preserve battery as a smooth sweep movement.

I don't have any of them but the Casio Oceanus has been on my radar for a long time. There are quite a few you tube videos out there showing that one off. Not so many for the other two

Insight? Here's a petty one: I've handled cheap quartz watches, and I've also handled a couple of those Bulovas. And they share one thing: You really have to keep your digit steady when pressing the crown down, or you'll misalign the minute hand and your watch will be accurately set, but your minute hand will be slightly off. Not a functional downside, but an aesthetic one.

Also, the lume is bad, but that's about it.

It's a big thick watch, you would almost think it's an automatic. Nothing else looks like it, and Citizen's high-beat quartz movements are proven technology. If you don't mind the downsides, go for it.

No experience with the others, but the Casio would be my pick. Also rather big, but it's the proverbial "one watch collection". And it has sapphire too.

I鈥檓 a citizen guy AND a Bulova guy鈥nd Casio 馃槄 but out of the bunch I think I鈥檇 spring for the atessa something about that minimal moon phase always pulls me in. But I love that smooth sweep on the Bulova too!

I'd say the Seiko SBTM JDM range of solar radio-controlled quartz is worth a look. I posted about mine here, and I still love it.

I have the Jet Star same one you have here and I absolutely love it.

Citizen is the best watch there.

Eco drive is a truly great thing. All too often I find their design lacking. That one is pretty nice... Id have it over my night hawk.

Damn it... Now I got to search it out

That Citizen and also this one were on my list (and still kinda are)


Get you a kenetic and live dangerously haha will get a full arm workout if it looses juice

i like the bulova because of the sweeping second and i think they used to state it loses/gains only 10 secs per year, but not anymore iirc. i also think it has the coolest design

I have a different Oceanus model, but I cannot say enough good things about it. It is an amazing watch with a ton of tech jammed into it! I鈥檓 not a huge Casio fan, but the Oceanus models really hit a sweet spot for me.