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New Strap arrived

Have been looking for an inexpensive strap for the Moonswatch. It doesn't match perfect but I think it will work. What do you think.


To me this looks like a fake Tag watch. Just wondering if anyone can confirm.

Speedy Tuesday

I think Speedy Tuesday's need to end. I demand that everyone stop posting their Speedy on a specific day of the week. Why you ask: because I don't hav...

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commented on Looking to add some quartz

I have the Jet Star same one you have here and I absolutely love it.

commented on petra.petra's WRUW

Happy Birthday!! Beautiful watch. Enjoy the day. 馃榿

commented on ImNevix's WRUW

It is a good looking watch. Thanks for sharing. 馃榿

commented on CuberBates's WRUW

That's a great feeling. When you just have to wear it again and again. Although all the other watches tend to get a little jealous. Enjoy!

This is a beautiful watch.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW

Love that dial!!!!

commented on Trigea's WRUW

Great video!!!

commented on Imagine you're given the choice to get any watch in the world (no matter the cost), but you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Which one would you pick? Drop your answers in the comments!

Vacheron Constantin overseas perpetual...


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New Watch

Was at the Swatch Group outlet store and stumbled into this beauty. I have been looking for a white dial, didn't really anticipate buying but it was 6...

White Dial Watch

I'm looking to get a White Dial watch. Just looking to see if anyone has any ideas. Currently thinking Traska, Marathon, Seiko. It doesn't need to be a specific type of watch (GMT, Field, diver ect)....
231 votes

WRUW - glitches?

I've been having problems with posting from time to time. Anyone else running into issues? I've updated the app. Deleted and reinstalled...still some...

Invicta ??

Wife went through some old watches with her mom, and found a few vintage ones. We saw this one and its a beautiful watch, but trying to see if anyone...

Watch Accuracy

Is it just me or I am the only one who really doesn't care too much about my watch accuracy? I change watches l, generally, every day so if it is off...