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So in November got an old watch of my father's Seamaster 300 from the early 90s...I assume. Probably had not ticked a tick since the 90s. Sent it off...

Dad's old watch

Visiting a old family home I have not been to in some time and come across this. Well my mom did. It was my father's. He passed in 99 so it is 25 year...

first attempt at a watch fix

being a vostok....heh see how it goes as you can see I already got it open the watches problem is the seconds hand fouls on the minites hand between 6...

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commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch

I very much thought of getting one... I'm partial to the white because it looks even more cartoonish.

Last I looked sold out

commented on The sole surviving mechanical chronograph

Yeah... In practice not a Chrono fan. Added complication not used, thickness, pushers...

That said my breguet type xx is beautiful

commented on Grand Seiko SBGN003 with fitted rubber strap

Looks hot to me

commented on Best watch ever!

I've thought about getting this one often.

But I'm concerned about the need to do curls and calling people a son of a bitch.

I'll have it one day

commented on pilots chronograph help needed

Breguet type xx/20

commented on A Year With Seiko King Turtle 鈥淕renade鈥

Mine runs fast too....about the same

commented on Seiko King Turtle grenade

mine on the uncle seiko...cheaper pressed one

wears wonderfully


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First NWA

Not new...a re-buy. Tried to fix the old one and cocked it up. So last week I got another.....this is a couple years apart. Took it off the jangle jan...

what's the issue with my vostok?

-wind and set it -as the minute hand is between 6-10 the second hand often stops sweeping past it...tap or a shake gets it going -i thought ok poor as...

Some old ads

Going through some old architectural digest . Mostly people wearing questionable jeans and striking spectacles. 聽But some watch stuff. 聽Thought I'd ta...

Old Piaget quartz

My unlcle has this old watch. 聽It has no crown just this button on the back. 聽He's a not all there so I'd like to set it. Do you guys know?

Oh my gord I'm in love

what a cool concept I'm a fan of the the non chrono octo's but never a lover this though too bad only 200 to be had and I'll never see one聽 sigh

time themed songs

time features heavily in music聽 very on the nose this have a tune that gets you thinking of time?