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LE Bel canto

Wow, absolutely stunning watch. I wasn't exactly on the fence about the original blue bel canto but they have just made it even better. Now if only I...

Evolution/state of the collection

Well I told myself that I don't like big watches and I told myself I don't like chronographs, both of these statements are true and yet here is my col...

Seiko BF Tuna chronograph

I'm not even a fan of chronographs but I am a fan of this case shape and for the price I paid it was a steal. Only one more of my crazy BF Seiko colle...

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commented on Modern Vintage Divers...these aren't my scratches...

I think I'm in the minority as the 62mas and the BB do nothing for me, but that does mean I get to enjoy my weird unloved Seiko for bargain prices.

commented on My collection

Don't pay full price for one though, they are on sale all the time or are easily available used for good prices.

commented on My collection

Nice collection, I think something like a SRPE Seiko dressKX would work with this collection and fits with this budget

commented on If You're Not Wearing a Chronograph, You Should Be - The F1 Seasons begun.

That is a beautiful watch but it is also exactly the reason why I was never that interested in chronographs, they generally sacrifice legibility of one of the functions. That being said I do like the pogue era Seiko chronographs and the Fortis stratoliner but I did end up getting this because of the case.

commented on Help ID this watch?

Yes he is wearing a watch, I think we can agree on that, or maybe we can't, I'm not sure anymore. Here's a cute puppy to cheer everyone up (I couldn't find one wearing a watch)

commented on Unimatic GMT x Massena Lab - Buyer's regret

You know CW has a boutique where you can try on watches if you are in the UK.

commented on Christopher Ward - showroom visit

I don't think CW particularly advertise anywhere and a lot of their watches reuse parts so R&D would be minimal for most of their watches. It might be worth looking into their back catalogue of watches to see if anything fits your criteria. This is my v1 Dartmouth which is quite different to the current version.


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Are these the biggest spring bars

I just swapped my Tuna onto the bracelet and this is the strap next to my CW Dartmouth. I hope I never need to get new spring bars as they fit snug in...

Upgrade path, the road to grails

Does anyone else have an upgrade path? After another WC member posted about watch collecting not being linear, and as our taste in watches changes ove...

Is it worth the extra?

I really like the nomos club line, the club sport polar/petrol are perfect. The problem is I'm not sure about the hands on the white campus and the ca...


About 5 years ago I found a watch that I had been given for my 16th birthday, I hadn't worn a watch for over 10 years but decided to fit a new battery...

The one that got away

What are other people's 'one that got away' watches, this is mine. At the time when it came out I was new to watch collecting, so I thought I would gr...

Rolex dials

I've noticed this a few times, but what is going on with rolex dials and has no one told them this is wrong?