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Any love for Dunhill?

When I was in my buy it all from Ebay phase I picked up the Dunhill DM7 ani-digi watch and then found the bracelet in another auction. Reading into it...

What is vintage?

Ok, so I recently bought a watch made in 2002, which I would consider vintage as its over 20 years old and I once ready a watch article (forgotten which site) which described any watch which is over 2...
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Would you buy a vintage watch on a bracelet possibly too short for you?

Ok, so the title pretty much says it all. I am looking at buying a vintage quartz Grand Seiko, the price is ok as its within my budget, and I would never be able to afford a new/er GS otherwise. Other...
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DCooke commented on Canopy Wake One Diver

Interesting look, and that bezel insert helps it look more playful. Thanks for sharing

DCooke commented on DCooke's WRUW

Thanks kept it on the bracelet for years but starting to enjoy strap swapping with it

DCooke commented on Oris

I have the same one, it's a lovely little watch!

DCooke commented on NordicLine's WRUW

Lovely dial

DCooke commented on LEGO Rolex

Take my money now!

DCooke commented on Which one is your favorite?

That Parnis would be my choice, I like the PP looks without the contasting colours which make it look too casual for me.

DCooke commented on DCooke's WRUW

It's a quartz import from Japan through Chrono 24. I think its a 2005 model so still plenty of life in it and as it's quartz less worry about issues

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Opinions on vintage Seiko Credor?

I think the title says it all, but on my journey down the JDM rabbit hole I was reminded of Credor. I know that modern Credor watches are high end lux...

New Timex Limited Edition with Hodinkee

New limited edition from Hodinkee x Timex, Cara Barrett. It looks like it's aimed at ladies but is a unisex 36mm. It's manual wind and on an expanding...

Birth Year Watches ... what do you think?

OK, so every so often I get the idea to go hunting for a watch from the year I was born, 1982; and while there are a few sites that sell by year, they mainly stock the expensive stuff like Rolex and g...
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Revived and now back in rotation!

Ok, so having seen some of you wearing dress tank watches with casual straps I have been on the hunt for one of my own. I forgot that I had this littl...

Need inspiration for a tank like watch!

Seen some posts on WC and gone down a rabbit hole of tanks, reverso, and other rectangular watches but not finding much meets my criteria. So I am tur...

My first perlon strap!

Adding to the never ending collection of straps for my Speedy with my first perlon one today! Very comfortable so far and like the colours and fit wit...