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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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Which Casio World Time do you prefer?

The most basic Casio digitals have one thing that G-Shocks lack: Under-sleeve wearability. From the other side, they have just one alarm, only 1h stop watch, no timer and usually lousy back light. I h...
69 votes ·

Who makes the best affordable dive watches?

Citizens are brutish, Seiko have QC problems, Orient lack ISO certification. And AR. And they could do something about the small crowns on some models. But they're all great. Who is the best, though?...
412 votes ·

What do you think about Perezcope?

Swiss watch expert Jose Pereztroika (yes, that is a real name) is known to all who are interested in vintage swiss watches at even marginal level. And...

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commented on Baby G at the beach ·

A great looking watch. Pity they don't make a fullsize solar+multiband G in white. My wrist is too wide for a Baby G, despite having the same circumference as yours. Don't you find the strap almost too short, like I did?

commented on 3 Watch Collection: Affordable Decadence Edition ·

Where's the list? I can't even find it by searching on your website.

commented on Should you wear your watch to sleep ·


commented on grand.psycho's WRUW ·

The original and best looking Defy.

commented on Aurelian's WRUW ·

There's a lot of French in its DNA, though. 😁

commented on How to optimize accuracy? ·

Vertical axis of oscillation usually means best conditions for oscillating, i. e. highest speed. Try the different positions, though laying them flat would be my first choice.

commented on Aurelian's WRUW ·

A Prim in the US. It must remember some stories!

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Which bracelet for my Alpinist?

Bracelets are the best. Waterproof, nicely balanced, continue the look of the case, microadjustable. But which one? I want something that will go well with the watch, not too blingy as not to detract...
57 votes ·

An idea for sorting

I'm trying to sort my watches according to the enjoyment I get from them and I identified three main dimensions: Formality (how well a watch goes with...

A psychologically rigged poll

Which one would you pick? If you can't choose, comment what else would you choose! If you do choose, comment why you chose it! It's not entirely baseless, I'm planning to get a diver one day, and my p...
352 votes ·

Which cliché phrase do you dislike most?

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo is an italian film, why did it become an opener for watch reviews? And there are more clichés in the watch scene. What other ones do you know?
256 votes ·

Watches are mental

There are two watches. One of them is markedly thicker, more than twice as expensive and its accuracy is two times lower than the other one. It also d...