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Grand Seiko Four Seasons Summer "Rikka" (SBGH271, 2019) On a Delugs Fauve Barenia Signature Strap.
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My Take on the Seiko Four Seasons

Since I don't think I'll spend the exorbitant money to own all four (five technically) of the 2019 GS Four Seasons releases, I came up with my own: my...
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Got Coffee?

Holy Toledo, this watch is a device made in heaven for coffee lovers!
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2nd on my list: 2022 38mm Aqua Terras.

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Moonshine MoonSwatch (*ducks*)

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For a truly classy, harder to find classic, take a look at a pre-owned (long discontinued) 34mm JLC Master Ultra Thin manual wind (either black or silver face). That movement and the watch is soooo thin, and the extra technology to make it look even thinner (due to a razor thin edge) is not something you see everyday. The exhibition casaback displays a movement that shows why they are the watchmaker of watchmakers.

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Force yourself to wear an Apple Watch, one month for each hundred (thousand?) dollars of purchase cost.

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Right, the titanium models have a much more subdued case (but perhaps put on more of a light show with the dial). The Rikka's dial is subdued in many ways, even with the gold indices and hands, but the case really shines. It really is hard to fully appreciate the Rikka without seeing it in person. It has surprised me with how much more versatile it is compared to my first perceptions.

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I would invest in a good private investigator, find the responsible party, and then lure the thieves into repeating another theft after having advertised to the world that I had bought several grail watches. Only this time they would be greeted by electricity and a big dog with a penchant for Swiss watches. And oh yeah, a few fake Rolex Daytonas. With super glue applied nightly. And then I would treat myself to a Casioak. ;)

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TV Show Blue Bloods features top tier luxury watch thefts!

The watch enthusiast hobby got some love yesterday in the latest episode of CBS's crime drama, "Blue Bloods". They showed a Patek Nautilus, namedroppe...
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My Collection, 2022

First post ever. Any observations or recommendations? Thank you to all fellow crunchies for your inspiration! Watches in order of appearance: Jaeger-L...
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