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robwei ·

N (to me) WA: White dial everyday

A while ago I was asking for suggestions for a midsized white dial everyday watch. I got lots of great suggestions and spent hours researching these....
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AdrianR ·

DKNY went all out on this one

My wife’s Apple Watch no longer holds a charge for a full day, so she went to a previous watch, a Donna Karan New York 2-hander. (Who needs seconds?)...
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simonswatch ·

Why aren’t more watches using this Movement

The Bulova Precisionist quartz movement P102 seems awesome. -really high accuracy—> basically on spring drive Niveau - smooth sweeping second hand...
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robwei ·

The one watch to keep

Let's travel back in time to the mid 90s. I was a teenager back then, I wore Doc Martens and flannel shirts, I was angry 3/4 of the day and reluctantl...
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tesseraic ·

Where are the digital microbrands?

Now that microband pieces are taking inspiration from the 70s more often (e.g. integrated-bracelet sports watches, etc.), I can't help but wonder if w...
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Mastiff ·

Omega x33 Marstimer

So Omega have just released this new X33 Marstimer. I happen to like the design and bezel colour they have gone with, but this piece is an eye waterin...
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watchobsessed ·

Low-End Mechanical vs. High-End Quartz?

As a new watch enthusiast and collector, this question is intriguing to me. There are pros and cons for both types. I own both types of watches and en...

Should you buy a low-end mechanical or a high-end quartz?
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Bzilla ·

A biased review of a big shiny g shock

"That is so Kanye." A coworker on seeing this watch. "Ludicrous. Ludicrous!" My friend. "Es ese reloj?!" Both of my parents at separate times. An okay...
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DLove61 ·

New Band

Well, here is the Mickey Mouse quartz my then five year old daughter picked out for me on a new Barton faux alligator strap. Time to break it in.
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NCExpat ·

Breitling Aerospace Evo Night Mission Review

Why I bought this watch : I’m autistic and for me, the world is chaos. Having an accurate watch is important as it means there is one small part of my...
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