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Do you have an all quartz collection?

I downsized my collection recently and I’m left with just two watches that run on gears and springs. One is a 1960s Citizen New Master handwind And th...

Work Watch

36mm Marathon MSAR. By far my most worn, and favorite watch in my collection.

It’s complicated…

Posting about my Flightmaster just a day after I waxed poetically about the marvels of a simple no date three handed watch will probably make me look...

Great travel watch - Casio Oceanus T200

Decided to bring the Casio Oceanus T200 for the family holiday. Ticks all the boxes for a good travel watch. Fuss free and easy to set different time...

Tissot PRS 516

I can't believe my luck picking up this watch. I managed to snag it for 155 euros 'as new' on eBay. Received a full set and a pristine watch. Not a ma...

I finally bought one of these

So a week or two ago, I finally got the email for a Helm Miyako and ended up ordering one. While waiting for that, I figured I might as well pick up a...

I passed on my old Pulsar Quartz watch to my daughter.

A few moths ago I was looking through some old stuff in the attic and I stumbled over an old Pulsar of mine that I had totally forgotten about. It’s n...

In praise of Bulova

Not a brand I ever paid any attention to, but when I saw this in the dealers cabinet, I just knew I had to have it. It ticks so many boxes for me. Sim...

My Duro bracelet came in

Bracelet for the Duro was delivered not too long ago. I immediately got to work 😂. Looks and feels great. Bracelet really transforms the watch. Gonna...

The beauty of quartz

I tend to make a habit of having ideas and opinions that are only shared by a minority, and just like a committed vegan I also tend to make sure that...