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Radio Controlled JDM Seiko SBTM337

Hey fellow watch nerds! I'm new here but I've been collecting watches for about 17 years. Recently stumbled upon the "Selection S" JDM range from Seik...

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commented on Early Birthday Gift to Myself

Love this model. I also treated myself to one as a birthday present, and 7 years later it's still my favourite watch. Also one of my most dependable timekeepers, the 7750 is a unit of a movement. Love how well Omega hid the thickness on this with clever case design.


commented on More rant on Seiko QC

These days I think it's safer to stick with quartz for watches in the 4R to 6R equivalent price categories. They've still got some great quality solar and radio solar pieces for reasonable prices.

The hand alignment on my radio solar is spot on, and it should be because the watch checks the hands are all aligned twice per day automatically 馃檪

commented on Watches that get noticed vs those that don't

Nope, it's true. My Airman 18 with blue gradient dial is the only watch where a random person has said "hey, that's a nice watch".

commented on Bremont is in trouble.

I can see what they're trying to do, I think the new "adventure" theme is a smart move to broaden their appeal. The execution is poor though. I don't mind the new logo, but the new typeface is jarring. Wish they could have done something subtle and kept the old typeface.

I think Bremont's big problem has been one of image and marketing, the core of their products has always been very good, but they haven't done a good job of telling people why. People who haven't held one seem to underestimate the quality of their case construction and finishing - they can easily stand up to the likes of Rolex/Omega/IWC on this, definitely a level above the likes of TAG. On top of this, their Trip-Tick case design is unique, detailed, immaculately finished and probably the most scratch resistant steel in the watch industry. I don't know why they didn't make a massive deal of their hardening process, it's a huge selling point that their watches will look good as new for a lot longer than their competition.

I don't like the new models, they've lost their DNA and intricate but robust design. If it's true that they're moving away from UK manufacturing and chronometer-certified movements, I think that's a huge mistake.

I hope they can get back on track as there's a lot of potential in their previous ambitions and manufacturing prowess.

commented on Looking to add some quartz

I'd say the Seiko SBTM JDM range of solar radio-controlled quartz is worth a look. I posted about mine here, and I still love it.

commented on Watch Olympics - Team GBR

Bremont for quality craftsmanship. Their detailed case designs and finishing are top notch and use of steel hardening and DLC makes them very hard to scratch.

CW for value. They seem hard to beat for pure value at any of their price points.

CWC for historical significance. If you want a watch issued by the UK armed forces in the last 50 years or so, they're the real deal. You'll pay a big premium for it though these days. They used to be excellent value, until they realised what some people are prepared to pay and more than doubled their prices.

commented on Radio Controlled JDM Seiko SBTM337

Yes, but if you don't want the bracelet I'd look at the SBTM317, SBTM319, SBTM321 and SBTM323 in steel as they're cheaper.

The major upgrade to the titanium models like mine is the much nicer bracelet and clasp, but if you don't want a bracelet you could save a chunk of money going steel.

Of course, you might still prefer the dial and hands on the titanium models (I do, but that'll be down to personal taste).