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Premium/Luxury - Quartz Diver.

Question is: would you be interested in an Uber premium quartz diver if done right? Doing some research I realised that GS had discontinued a very han...

Talk about nuclear lume.

Completely surprised me how awesome this is.

Addiesdive sub.

I truly can't believe how good this is for how little it costs. Bezel is good, finishing is good, rubber strap is good. Crown feels Uber solid and loo...

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commented on No More Watches For Me ·

Tudor subs are prettier than Rolex subs. Fight me.

commented on Best watches for the office 👨🏻‍💼 ·

Completely wrong take. Owned a presage, they're very well proportioned and I wore mine to many weddings and formal events. No issues. Cocktail times are ALL crystal, so they don't catch on anything. Can guarantee you that.

commented on Late post: Father’s Day Watch ·

I agree too. Gorgeous

commented on A dream come true: ·

Congrats man. That is a proper watch.

commented on Watches with Military Heritage 🔫 ·

Where did you get those NATO's?

commented on SOTC ·

Do you like your F1? Such a cool watch.

commented on Finding My Style ·

Every time I see a good photo of the Hamilton Khaki I think it's SUCH a good looking watch. Especially that beautifully textured dial. It's so rugged yet still so stylish.

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What's your chores watch?

This little Casio beater is mine. Fantastic little watch that was under €20!

Everyone should have this watch.

This is abused and loved. A forever watch owing to sentimental value; kept time perfectly during my wife's labour for each of our kiddos. That's why I...

Seiko Presage.

Nice leather makes this a completely different watch.

Channeling Brando... Sort of.

With a bezel-less 200m quartz diver from Sekonda. Fun little hack. Yes, I removed the bezel but it's just for fun and the thing cost me 20 bucks. Not...

An experiment.... That worked!

Escapement Time King Seiko Homage, with a Seiko Presage bracelet. For when you can't afford one of those $3.5K KS re-issues! 😅 Note; hated the presag...

AQ4103-16E Citizen; one can dream! What a beauty.

NOT mine. Admiring via watch sites. Absolutely gorgeous piece.