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Ironwatch 6304

Here's a link to the watch on their website: https://wrwatches.com/collections/iron-watch/products/iron-watch-vintage-sub-diver Link to the watch on A...
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eliamathias ·

Whats on your other wrist?

Hey everyone I was wondering what you watch people wear on your other wrist. A smartwatch, different watch, jewelry or nothing? I, myself always wear...
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GroovRY ·

First Post! ⏳

Today I'm wearing my favorite watch! The Squale Montauk with the vintage looking smokey dial and matching NATO from Crown & Buckle. Great specs, g...
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nikson ·

My very first Seiko, a King Turtle!

I've been extremely lucky and was gifted this King Seiko from someone in the watch collecting community. I've always had my eye on this watch, but was...
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OT_Nix ·

My Tudor Black Bay 58 Achievement

I've been enjoying watch collecting for a number of years now and have always admired luxury watch design, but never thought I'd be able to achieve ow...
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WatchDOG2112 ·

Blue Orient Kamasu + Khaki NATO

I have a few NATOs for this Orient- but love this look the best.
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Subwalker ·

🙂 Good day!

Can I see your hammy ? 👀
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HonestWatchReviews ·

San Martin 6105 MOP

Here's the link to my review of the Kanagawa Great Wave revision. https://youtu.be/FLSGJhWCYdw Here's the link to the watch: https://s.click.aliexpres...
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DocOClock ·

Work watch

This is my Monchard pulsations chronograph and being a medical student it is also a tool in my day to day work with its pulsations scale. Do you have...
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TonyXXX ·

What's your favourite tool watch for work?

I researched and after many months I found a tool watch that could take a beating, be accurate and it had to be waterproof. This lead me to the Dievas...
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