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Omega world timer winding

Hey! What is the correct process to wind the 2023 Omega World Timer? Specifically, do I need to unwind so the screw pops out a bit before I start wind...

Got a question for the NH35A movement

I bought a watch with an NH35A movement inside it and I don’t know how many turns it needs to get fully wound. Neither do I know when to stop winding...

Another watch problem... (Raymond Weil this time)

Okay, I have another question about a technical problem. My girlfriend's watch suddenly stopped working. Since it is a winding watch, not a battery-po...

It’s Justified

Anyone wind or play with their watches to get you through the day at work? I’ve added checking WC throughout the day as well… Friday can’t come soon e...

Please help!

My automatic Orient Pilot watch stopped winding today! I'm shocked! As I take it of from my wrist, it just stops. When I shake it to wind it (i'm doin...

How do you maintain a few mechanical/automatic watches?

Hey WatchCrunchers! I know that most of you have more than one mechanical/automatic watch in your collection. I currently own only one. So I want to ask you: how do you maintain them everyday?
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New toy, I'm mezerized 🤪😳

Ive been searching for a while for an expensive way to display 14 watches.... EUREKA Does anyone have any experience with Dukwin winders? I'm happy so...

King Seiko Vanac 5626

Hi folks, This is a King Seiko Vanac 'Special' from March 1973, I believe it's the end of the line from Daini Seikosha and they never made any more af...

Watch Winding: So why do some people wind the crown back and forth?

Question for the community... I know some of you have seen this done... And some of you have done this. Why do people wind the crown back and forth wh...

Should I let my watches run out of power?!

Hi everyone! I'm quite new to the watch game and I was wondering if I should sometimes let my watches run out of power? For now I have only two so it's not a matter of practicality, I can keep both of...
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