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6.70” / 17.02 cm Wrist
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Taking a walk

Enjoying a walk with my G-Shock

Got a question for the NH35A movement

I bought a watch with an NH35A movement inside it and I don’t know how many turns it needs to get fully wound. Neither do I know when to stop winding...

My new Watch

The Primary reason why I bought it was the specifications. It has an diameter of 42mm, lug to lug of 50mm and an thickness of 15mm. I wondered if a wa...

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commented on My Watch is Running again 🙏🏻 ·

I think at least 3h. I figured out it doesn’t really have to be sun. I put my under my ceiling lamp and it worked after 3h again but sun is the better option of course. The best thing is to place it in the sun and make sure that the light reaches the dial. It should work later. I am not sure if you watch has that function but if you download the Casio G-Shock Software from the Apple Store or Play Store you can check the battery capacity from their. Keep me updated if it worked or not. I hope I was able to help you.

commented on Got a question for the NH35A movement ·

I know I am actually familiar with the “Seiko Shuffle” 😆 have to do it with my SNXS77 it has an 7S26 movement. That one only winds itself with the rotor 😅but I like it more to wind the watch by the crown. It is the feeling and the sound for me when the crown turns ✌🏻

commented on Got a question for the NH35A movement ·

@TezzaT @foghorn @drunkengmtmaster @ayadai @Franks @skxcellent @alfredo @finalewatch @Llntz91 @GeneralG @FlashF1R3 @ckim4watches @Dev9000 @ChillinWitWatches

Thank you guys for your time and your nice comments. You helped me a lot 🤙🏻I think the best is to wind it 20 to 30 times and than let the wrist do its job. Wish you guys a nice day ✌🏻

commented on Purchase issue ·

Really? For me it was easy. What kind of clasp do you have?

commented on Purchase issue ·

@Skilly It weighs 160g now. It would weigh a little more but I sized it up for my 17cm wrist.

commented on Purchase issue ·

@Skilly Well it arrived today :) Screw Down Crown with no guards. 42mm diameter, 15mm thickness and an lug to lug of 50mm. The second hand is an a snowflake style. This one is the V2 of the BB58 series from pagani design. The V1 and the V3 have an date window and a different dial.

commented on Purchase issue ·

That watch looks sick man 👌🏻but I ordered a BB58 so my will look much different than yours 😅

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Purchase issue

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What is your opinion on this one? Let me know.

The bracelet is aftermarket by the way

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Every time I try to comment on someone’s comment there is no sent button. Is anyone else dealing with this problem?

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