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Boozy lunch time & shopping don't mix kids 😜

Out for lunch and did a little watch browsing. Tried on a few GS, but landed on this new little Bruce Lee, the packaging is awesome and the detailing...

New ish GS

Another ebay pickup, this 25th anniversary for the 9f quartz movement made in 2018 was Ltd to 600pc. It also came with 2x GS straps & buckles, bar...

Vintage seiko parts?

I've recently stripped down a king quartz for a clean & glass replacement, and I'm struggling to find a replacement bezel gasket it's a 0853-8020....

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commented on Noob Question Β·

That's on my 8.1/4inch latish wrist if it helps 😊

commented on JaeBust's WRUW Β·

Watch, check βœ…

Roller ❌ damn

These kings are spectacular dress watches πŸ‘Œ

commented on How many dive watches is enough? Β·

Have you got them all yet?

They are like pokemon, you gotta get em all πŸ˜‰

commented on spireitman's WRUW Β·
commented on Galactica's WRUW Β·

Oooh nice, I have 5 cocktail times at the moment & a couple are a bit rarer than this one 🍹

commented on Galactica's WRUW Β·

She's a pretty one 😍

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW Β·

Snap πŸ˜‚


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Any relation

I've been here a few days, is this a relation and if so what's the hourly rate? @Fieldwalker

Holidays are great

Had to be done, Thailand only Ltd edition zimbe. First sumo case in my collection too. They also threw In a free golf umbrella which is going to be a...

GS Boutique Bangkok

Just a few picks from the Gayson mall visit today... No purchase. But discounts were available.

Autumn has begun, couldn't resist catching the flowers.

Probably the last bbq of the year, and the dusky late afternoon light was too good to miss. Time for the king of dials to show their thingπŸ₯°

Gold Elnix

Another pretty gold 70's Seiko got a bargain deal on 3 vintage seikos all in mint condition. that dail