Got a question for the NH35A movement

I bought a watch with an NH35A movement inside it and I don鈥檛 know how many turns it needs to get fully wound. Neither do I know when to stop winding because it keeps going and going. I once had watch with an ETA2824 movement and it showed resistance after 10 or 15 turns. So I knew exactly when to stop.

When you wind the watch by hand, how do you know that it is fully wound? Does it show resistance like other movements?

Let me know 馃憣馃徎


It鈥檚 an automatic watch just wind it 5 or 10 times, your wrist movement will do the rest of the work.

I've been collecting for years and always wind my autos 30-35 winds from dead stop. Never a problem and never,ever felt any resistance as automatics have a "clutch" to prevent overwinding.

Looking at various manufacturer manuals anywhere from 15 to 40 winds are recommended.

I have an Orient Star w/power reserve that requires about 45 turns to reach full.

Modern automatic movements have a c潭l潭u潭t潭c潭h潭 [edit: should be bridle per ayadai's post] that prevents over-winding & on many movements you can hear it "click" when you've fully wound the watch. I have only 1 watch w/a NH35 & (like the NE15) I don't recall it making an audible click (perhaps it's too quiet). TezzaT is correct that there's really no reason to manually wind an automatic to full (unless you're testing the power reserve or something), but I remember having to turn the crown on an NH35 something like 40 times to full wind it.

You cannot over wind nh35, ten or 15 full turns and wear it

Do the "Seiko shuffle" whilst you count to 30 :-)

30 and you are good.

That movement is self winding, just wind about 10 times and your wrist movement will do the rest.

I believe 55 winds will fully wind the 4R movements. I read it on It provides excellent information on watch movements.

I don鈥檛 think you can overwind a NH35 or 4R movement

Typically I wind my Seiko movements around 20 times and buckle it up.

My rule of thumb is that one full wind equals 1 hour of reserve. It worked well for me.