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Water Resistance

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Fieldwalker ·

Prospex Ginza in the wild

Until recently it was right at home, looking handsome in Ginza and Gion. But the last 5 days were in the harsh oceanic climate of Queen Charlotte soun...
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Jewbaka ·

What Determines Water Resistence?

Hey all, hope you are having a great Saturday. I was hoping some light could be shed on this topic, since I tend to consider different seals in the cr...
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HookedinBern ·

Swimming - am I being too cautious re watches ?

About to go on holiday and will be swimming in various freshwater lakes. My 2019 Omega Seamaster Aquaterra is rated to 150m and has a screw down crown...
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Offset_Crown ·

21mm thick for 550WR!?

I hate to bash companies, as they are giving it the try, and I wish I could start my own watch company, but at the very least has anyone ever asked wh...
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tesseraic ·

How I pick watches for travel

My brain kept coming back to a comment I posted on here a month ago about how to pick watches for travel, so I wrote up my thoughts in a blog post . T...
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jamesw ·

Bit of a scare in the shower!

Disclaimer: I shower with some of my watches, especially ones with > 200 m WR. Unlike most individual diver watches, this particular one has actual...
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Bobstime ·

Freestyle Watch for Shark Week

When I first started buying watches I bought Timex digital. I couldn't afford much and went through the cheaper ones within a week or two while on my...
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TimexBadger ·

Are all watch collectors really going that deep

Maybe I don't understand the whole WR thing when it comes to watch collectors. I go in my pool with my watches all the time, even the one's with the l...
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eddieincorona ·

Watch get a wrist-shower/bath?

One of the first memories I have of watches in movies was Roy Scheider washing his hands with his watch on his wrist in Jaws. Man, was he drenching hi...
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TheThing1982 ·

Water Resistance

WR is something I'd say just about every one of us enthusiasts or collectors find critical in a watches build. Durability in even the most dressiest o...
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