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Namtheman ·

New cybertruck mod ?

The bracelet came in the mail today. Not quite sure what it reminds me of. I think I might get the top case engraved with the gshock logo and the clas...
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Simple question

Black or White?
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New watch repair / extra parts box project (part 1)

My father in law bought me this cabinet case thingy. It used to be a silverware case apparently. He thought i could turn it into a watch box or some s...
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Namtheman commented on New cybertruck mod ? ·

Aftermarket came through once again !

Namtheman commented on Simple question ·

White dial with white. Black dial with black

Namtheman commented on New watch repair / extra parts box project (part 1) ·

I plan to use the top to put my watch tools and the drawer for extra bracelets and straps and part’s perhaps

Namtheman commented on A couple recent builds ·

Where did you get your seikonaut case?

Namtheman commented on I like this mod case but which watch? ·

Ali express

Namtheman commented on Finally! Citizen ana digi temp Boba Fett 🔥 ·

Nice nice speaking of boba fett mandalorian season 3 should be coming out soon

Namtheman commented on Where is the best place to get inexpensive, yet good quality modding parts? Seiko specifically. ·

Almost every ebay listing ive seen is the exact same for cheaper on Ali. I order from both and haven’t had many issues. Cant say for the other options

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Namtheman ·

I like this mod case but which watch?

So i do a lot of modding and a bunch window shopping lately and i found this mood case i love. The question remains which gshock goes better with it. I have a different mod on my square currently so d...
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Namtheman ·

What is your opinion on engraving on a watch.

Im planning on engraving a watch and possibly getting a pre engraved watch case for a gshock. What is your guy’s opinion on watch engraving
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Namtheman ·

What case for new watch build

I plan to build a new watch for my tax return and im having a hard time deciding on what case to choose. Now I obviously like them all im just curious on what you guys think
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Namtheman ·

What should my next watch be?

I have a few things in mind. Probably will pick up one after taxes with tax return what do you guys think?
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Namtheman ·


What route should i take? I dont have any pvd black watches but nothing beats stainless steel. What do you guys think?
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Namtheman ·

What colour ?

Blue or black citizen chronograph
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Namtheman ·

Battle of the Reissue

#citizen Bullhead chrograph reissue. Question is which colour?
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