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6.00” / 15.24 cm Wrist
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Another way of Watch- Display

Does anybody Else Sees here a great oportunity to Display all of my watches? Unfortunately wifey does Not want any watch on that Old ladder. To be hon...

One horror hazzle

But now my duro has a aprobiate bracelet


So, this is the first one to leave my collection. As i have too many watches, especially G's, i ve sorted out a few i didn t wear anymore, so someone...

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commented on BryanBlaze's WRUW ·

Like the positive Display, much Mode legible than my blacked out one

commented on sl9979741's WRUW ·

Whow, this is...Not for me, so to say

commented on Are fashion watches great now? ·

As i absolutely adore my Diesel Mr. Daddy 2 i voted for a

commented on thexerocouk's WRUW ·

No tragic loss imho:-D

commented on Red bezel ·

Gshock RedOak maybe?

commented on WatchesRock's WRUW ·

The best of All the 350s. And the Proof that casio CAN make legible negative displays if they want

commented on pianoman's WRUW ·

My (in posession) Grail. Except mine is 'made in Japan'

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NWA Alert

today i got Good news from Hospital on behalf of my lil cancer friend. All These Chemo treatments seem to work, it decreases in size, so Chances to su...

Nato- recommendation needed

I m in the Market for a nato- strap for my srpj41. As i live in germany it should be a european- Based Shop. Thx in advance for Your recommendations

Just playing around

with my new mobile phone. This camera is aaaawesome (though the model is a lil creepy- at least for me)

Look what the postman brought this minute

Such a georgious watch🤩 but i have to figure out how the bracelet is to be sized- seems to be no spring- bars

Can t wait no longer

Short update on my ordered Seiko SBSA 177; Shipment is processed, customs are paid, estimated time of arrival this very friday🙂. So just in time for...

Back from servicing

Look whats back from servicing. My two russian beauties🤗