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Some Saturday night fun. Duro or the Bentley?

What would you rather have? The Casio Duro? The brand spankin new Bentley? Would you rather have both? Something else?
82 votes ·

Surprised After 40 Something Years

I walked in the door from work a little bit ago. The little lady tells me that I have a package from Texas on the table. I see the package on the tabl...


After the last update I have been having problems with the WatchCrunch app. I can not post in WRUW. I can not make any general posts or comment on peo...

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Shbamn50 commented on What's your favorite watch genre? ·

I love them all. Looking through my collection though I have a quite a few chronographs. I guess an automatic chronograph is my most favorite.

Shbamn50 commented on Shbamn50's WRUW ·

Thank you. I'm here at work and I have more people talking to me about this watch than they have about any other one. LOL

Shbamn50 commented on Fieldwalker's WRUW ·

I know exactly what you mean by getting back at it. I bought a Trek mountain bike a few weeks ago. It has a low top tube. The weather has been absolutely horrible to ride anywhere. I will ride in the cold and snow. It's the freezing cold rain that I won't do. That's when my hip flares up to the point of not being able to walk. All of those kicks, football, and BMX racing caught up to me. I have always been physically active. Now I need a hip replacement. LOL

Shbamn50 commented on TheHoroSexual's WRUW ·

Damn that looks good!

Shbamn50 commented on Fieldwalker's WRUW ·

I used to ride my bike to work, the store and everywhere. That was until covid happened. My hip started interfering at that time and wouldn't let me ride anymore. The days of kick boxing and all of the other stuff caught up to me. I used to be able to snap kick someone in the face stand 6 inches in front of me. Now I can't lift my leg over a bike. Grrrr!

Shbamn50 commented on whystopatone's WRUW ·

Give it to me I'll sell it for you. 🤪 When I'm done wearing it of course. 😂

Shbamn50 commented on Adi365's WRUW ·

I Love the looks of this. I have studied this every time you have posted it. I still can't figure out how to tell the time on this.????? LOL 😂

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Wristy Badge 365

It has been 1 year, 1 week, and 1 day since I started this Watch Crunch journey. I have posted in WRUW every day. I have gone through the trials and tribulations to make sure that I post a picture eve...
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