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7.50” / 19.05 cm Wrist
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Seiko 5 GMT JDM SBSC009 Dial Details

I've been asked on the gram how the numerals on this watch are done. Posted photos from my cellphone there and was appalled by the quality (of the pho...

New Seiko5 for me: SBSC009

Been waiting for it a little bit, arrived two days ago. Bracelet is decent, clasp is stamped, as usual. This watch instantly placed itself very high u...

New Seiko5 for me: SBSC009

NWA. Been waiting for it a little bit. Bracelet is decent, clasp is stamped, as usual.

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commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

Thanks for the compliments

commented on bradcon's WRUW ·

I like how you captured the blue hue of the bezel. That's always a challenge for me.

commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

I am more and more a fan of this bracelet type - on a Turtle, Sumo, MM300, Willard or SKX style. It really adds a special vibe to the watch.

commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

Yes, if I look into my collection of Seikos the divers are by far in the majority. For me it's a mix of personal preference and offerings by the brand.

commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

This hue of blue is quite unique. There are a few other blue Alpinist variations in circulation, e.g. the SPB089 from 2019, a limited/collab edition with Hodinkee.

commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

Bought the bracelet on AliExpress. Fit is questionable. Very questionable. Seems to be normal for many(all?) bracelets sold there.

commented on Hans_B's WRUW ·

6th day of the week... I guess Roman numerals are in use when no other language is a good choice for a second language.

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Nice Two-Tone

My third venture into „Gold“ - the most serious so far. Kinda like it.

Two yellow Seiko5

Wondering if the GMT‘s yellow is warmer than the other‘s.

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