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Upside-Down TAG Heuers 🤔Is It a Thing? 🤷🏾‍♂️

Today, strolling through the streets of Bremen with @twohandswatch we stumbled upon the display window of a renowned jewelry store. To our astonishmen...

Your price opinion 🧐 💭 🤔

Today I stopped by a downtown jewelry store that I often pass by, and I always notice a second-hand ⌚ Omega Speedmaster displayed in the showcase. So...

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commented on ChonusFort's WRUW ·

Obrigado Miguel

commented on ChonusFort's WRUW ·

Cheers Danilo

commented on ChonusFort's WRUW ·

I’m glad!!!!

commented on ChonusFort's WRUW ·

I agree. But I’ve been looking for a white leather strap with black stitching. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! I think it’ll work even better!!

commented on ChonusFort's WRUW ·

Hi bob. They both click always and quite nicely. The top one has less resistance and has weaker click than the bottom one though. But it my be a production issue with my specific model.

commented on Earnshaw Supremacy Chronograph Regatta Ver. ·

What movement do they use? I checked in the website but I can’t find the information.

commented on Your price opinion 🧐 💭 🤔 ·

Gracias. I see what you mean!!!

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Looking for a high-quality 20mm bracelet with QUICK RELEASE SPRING BARS for a Seiko Speedtimer SSC813. Any recommendations or suggestions from fellow...

📸 A Day of Watches, Beers, and DIY Repairs! 🛠️⌚️

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On a sunny morning, Lester decided to prepare a special breakfast for his girlfriend, Eleonora. As he sliced avocados and toasted bread, the sunlight...

Guess the Watch

What about this one? It was worn a few times by Donald Glover in the Amazon Prime show ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’ Judging by the strap, I would say it’s...

Guess the watch

Alright, here comes another one I have no clue about. This was worn by the wealthy family guy in the prologue of Fallout. Any watch enthusiasts among...