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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Every flieger is a pilot watch, but not every pilot watch is a flieger

I often see people referring to random pilot watches as fliegers, but in my opinion, unless it has a Type A or Type B dial, it shouldn’t be called a f...

What's the craziest lume you've seen on a watch?

This Tissot SeaTouch has some unusual, asymmetric lume on the bezel and dial, and I'm still not sure how it's supposed to be used. What's the weirdest...

Yes, please

Jeep x Marathon collab preorder opens 4/26

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It’s all about the light

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commented on State of the 62mas Collection ·

Current fav is probably the SJE099

commented on State of the 62mas Collection ·

Ah, I see

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Bottom row between the green and the white

commented on State of the 62mas Collection ·

I generally won’t buy watches less than 39mm in diameter. They’re just too small for me.

commented on State of the 62mas Collection ·

No Samurais. SPBs, SLAs, SBDCs, and SJEs. I can't name every reference without doing a Google search 😜

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State of the 62mas Collection

Now that I've added the third MarineMaster, it's time for a State of the 62mas Collection update. Can you identify them all?

What's your favorite type of bracelet?

314 votes ·

4:30 date windows are good

There shouldn't be any "controversy" or polarization about placing a date window at 4:30. The only real criticism is that it unbalances the dial, but...

Two-tone: hot or not?

I've always been a fan of two-tone watches, though I did spend a number of my formative years watching Miami Vice. While two-tone fell out of fashion for awhile, it seems to be making a comeback. Shou...
88 votes ·

Tail to the inside?

I've found that deployant clasps for straps that are designed to be worn with the tail of the strap to the inside, generally do not fit right if you t...

GMT bezels should be bi-directional

I don't care if it's a "dive" GMT or not. If it's got a 24-hour scale, it needs to move in both directions. It's best if it's a 24-click bi-directiona...