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Love of Russian watches

Russian vintage watches: I just love the quirkiness of some of their designs, and their affordability. The Pobeda, before import tax and postage was.....
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From Russia with love... The Vostok Amphibia

I know Vostok is the marmite of the watch collecting community but I love this piece. I love how it takes me 5 mins to set the date after not wearing...
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Can anyone help me identify this watch?

This is one of my father's old watches, from an automatic translation it says that it is made in Belarus, can anyone tell me more?
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The Russian experience

This morning I came to the conclusion that watches are like politics. You just need a slight adjustment of a viewing angle to change the perceived rea...
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I have been wearing the same watch for two weeks now.

I have been wearing the same watch for two weeks now. I used to change it 2-3 times a day. Is something wrong with me? This has literally never happen...
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My Soviet watch collection is complete鈥 For now

This has been a really enjoyable journey. After a couple years and a lot of research I believe my collection Soviet/ Russian watches is complete, for...
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Estate sale find today!

I was very happy to find a ziplock bag of Russian watches today for $20. These will need a little love and cleaning. So far, 3 of the 4 are working an...
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Ther worst watch you own you will actually wear out of the house?

Whats the worst watch in your collection you will leave the house in? Dirty, scratched, cheap junker? The silliest clunk you won't pull your sleeve ov...
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Soviet Watches, Anyone?

I found these in my mother-in-law's house in Anchorage. My father-in-law visited Moscow during the mid 80's on business and these were gifted to him a...
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Just ordered.

I am stupid poor so I'm always looking for cheap and interesting. I wanted one of these watches as the US sat out the 1980 Olympics. There is a bewild...
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