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1980s Poljot (translates to “Flight”) alarm watch with a 2612.1 manual wind movement

Just arrived from Ukraine a few days ago. Export model with Latin dial. 10 AU gold plated brass case. It’s in pretty good shape for its age; it has on...

my money pit trifecta

Other than watches, i have problems with fountain pens and knives 😅

Russian again...

Another 3133. A shame it's no longer in production , but I think that perhaps makes me appreciate them all the more😊


Please show your Ampfibia and Komandirskie watches! Btw. the one I'm wearing is a 090679M and no, it's not modded 🍻 But the bracelet is, build from p...


As I don't own a Rolex, sod itt!, this Marlon Brando- inspired strap will have to settle for a humble Poljot

Poljot watch

I've recently bought a very old Poljot watch in antique for no very high price. Watch is mechnical but I bought it because I love the style. The probl...

4 Iconic Soviet Space Watches

During the cold war, the USSR and USA competed fiercely in the Space Race to get to the Moon. This competition resulted in historic events achieved on...

Iconic Russian Space Watches

1980 Olympic Poljot.

just got it, love the watch, not the bracelet. Like the Diastar style case. I'm a sucker for a blue face.

The Secret Behind MESTIS: A Brand That Shrouds Itself in Mystery

MESTIS was a watch brand from the late seventies that used Poljot 2414 movements from the Soviet Union, but had different cases and dials. The word me...

My Latest Discovery: Unveiling the Poljot TV - A Timepiece with a Colorful Twist!

Gooday Crunchers, watch enthusiasts and time aficionados, gather around because I've got a horological tale that'll tickle your fancy and leave your w...