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New dive

This deep dive watch caught my eye a while back. Got it on preorder. Just came in today. 1250m resistance with a helium escape valve that will never b...


I found an excellent deal on a Omega speedy Chronoscope bronze gold. Anyone have experience with the chronoscope in general. Let me know your opinions...

Benrus identification

Hi fellow WatchCrunchers. Can anyone identify this model of Benrus? It is from the early 50鈥檚. Has a inscription from 1953. Uses a BB4 movement. The c...

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commented on Cartoon watches

One of my favorites because it runs backwards. Your totally screwed though if you try to read it after you have been drinking.

commented on What's the deal with these prices on Hodinkee?

Maybe giving you a discount for having to be wound. The bottom right on shows all the power reserve is gone. 馃槣

commented on Grummpy's WRUW

It is 馃槉

commented on Omega better than rolex

I鈥檓 with you. When I think Rolex the 1st watch that comes to mind is a datejust. Don鈥檛 have one yet, but I think I鈥檒l end up with a brown dial with diamonds on a Jubilee bracelet.

commented on Favorite Collaboration or LE

Have the same one. Love it. Wished I had the tourbillon version too.

commented on Dirty Dozens Championship Round 1 Day 3 馃獤 IWC vs Eterna !!

Prefer the subdial of the Eterna.

commented on Do you wear all your watches?

Absolutely. Not the type of person to buy a watch and not use it. Some due sit for long periods without being touched, but eventually they all get some wrist time.

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Did some battery swaps for my fathers 92 year old friend and found a new moment for his Microma which was dead. That one was hard to find. Apparently...

My 1st true GMT

I have been wanting a true GMT(hacking hour) for some time now. This one was at the right price and color. I have a couple of Seiko SSk鈥檚 which I like...

Few dollars more

Found this quartz pocket watch from the Clint Eastwood western a Few Dollares More. Yes it plays the music!


Latest project. Replacing the movement on an old Benrus for a friend.

Cracked crystal scare!

Yeah, I almost freaked when I look down and saw a crack on the crystal of my skipper. Stupid thread from my ESD jacket LOL鈥

Show us the green

Happy St Patrick鈥檚 day Crunchers. Show us your green watch鈥檚! I鈥檓 wearing my Tsao Leagacy with green dial and strap.