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Nodus Sector Deep

Getting major German vibes off this one.
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How would you describe this case?

Checking out this Feynman and I’m torn on how to describe it. It’s too dressy for sport watch, to heavy for a dress watch, definitely a very dapper ki...
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Vaer R1

In for review. I’m digging the 38mm case and retro vibe.
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TheTimeBum commented on Meraud in for review ·

Yeah, the one and gone.

TheTimeBum commented on How would you describe this case? ·

It’s not for everyone l, that’s for sure!

TheTimeBum commented on Does size matter? ·

Proportions are everything, measurements are nothing. I think we ascribe too much significance to the listed dimensions and their labels as men’s or women’s sizes. If you love how it looks (and I think that really works as a dress watch) then you have already won.

TheTimeBum commented on I Bought an Indian Watch on eBay. ·

Love HMT. I have a couple of legit factory watches and this obviously hand-painted dial that I dig just as much.

TheTimeBum commented on To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question. ·

I'll always choose the non-English date, just for the novelty.

TheTimeBum commented on Maryland Micro Brands - do you have your own local favorites? ·

I somehow got it in my head that they were in Virginia and touted them as such in the lead-up to the show until Mark corrected me. I think they are in La Plata.

TheTimeBum commented on Maryland Micro Brands - do you have your own local favorites? ·

Amazing how many Maryland-based brands there are. You can add Winfield to that list.

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Davosa Argonautic Lumis

Just posted my review of the Davosa Argonautic Lumis on TheTimeBum.com . 300m, tritium tubes, Swiss auto. Makes me want to punch a shark (metaphorical...
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Meraud in for review

Ok, this is just lovely.
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Axia Time

Wearing my Axia Sofia II today. Polished and brushed grade 5 titanium case, engraved Art Deco style dial, Sellita SW360 Elabore movement, X1 SuperLumi...
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Interview time!

Check it out. It’s yours truly in WatchIsThis talking about District Time! https://www.watchisthis.com/interview-loren-sciurba-district-time-washingto...
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District Time by Tsao Baltimore (event, not meetup)

It's time for District Time! The Time Bum and McDowell Time are pleased to announce our sixth DC watch event. It is free, open to the public March 4-5, 11:00am to 4:00pm both days. District Time by Ts...
Mar 4
Washington, DC, US
Sat, March 4 · 11:00 AM EST
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Weems Homages

Wearing my Undone Aero today and wondering about other Weems homages. The only one I can think of was a Longines from several years ago. Any others ou...
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Haim L2 Review

Thinking about ordering the new Haim L2? Check out my review. I got to sample them all. https://www.thetimebum.com/2023/02/haim-l2.html
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