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RichFBush ·

Vostok Amphibia Exhibition Caseback!

I finally did it and bought an exhibition caseback for my Vostok Amphibia. Some would argue it's pointless as the movement is so rudimentary - but I d...
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RFIMike ·

Been seeing this Vostok Amphibian 170548 and really like it, does anyone have a guess when/where these might become available again?

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rleiro ·

Vostok Amphibia Classic 170963 "Amphibianerai"

This is one of the first watches that joined my collection in 2020 and perhaps one of the most reliable watches I have ever had. Sporty yet elegant en...
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VictorAdameArt ·

Modstok first attempt.

Thanks to everyone for the help and recommendations on where to source parts, etc, I already had the smooth bezel and display caseback but this time I...
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Redeemed a botched mod

Earlier this year I had a failure trying to mod a Vostok komandirskie. today I have finally redeemed that failure. I had a Modern automatic komandirsk...
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Catskinner ·

last days with the Scuba Dude

This 420 Amfibia Scuba Dude on its bicolor Barton strap and Seiko Pepsi bezel is a fun summer watch. The crystal is still fine and I appreciate that b...
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tonmed ·

The thing with cheap watches...

So I've been preparing myself for a bit of a collection purge recently and it actually took me a couple months to decide what goes and what stays. Lik...
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stafford ·

SOTC Sept. 2022

I think I need help. And a 1990s Vostok Amphibia in pieces on my desk 😜
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ofQuartz ·

Vostok 030598 "Fifty Fathoms": One Year Retrospective

Hello! I figured that I'd start a series in which I look back on timepieces that I've owned for a certain amount of time (6 months, 1 year, etc) in or...
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DariusII ·

What is Your Take on Vostok?

When I was in diamond sales, a customer came into my store who had just been to Russia on business. He wore on his wrist a Russian made watch with a c...
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