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Amphibia Diver
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Sub £400/$500 Tool/Dive watch - unusual recommendations

Hello all - I recently sold my diver because I can’t wear a 45mm on my 6.5 inch wrist, no matter how nice it is. However, I love a good quality diver/...
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Tank watches

Hi cartier tank watches are high on my mind at the moment...tgv doing what he does best. Also deeperblue has one and it looks great. Unfortunately I c...
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Fell into the trap of drunk/bored eBay-ing. fFound this little Kommandierski that I have been wanting for awhile and decided I'd mocK up my Mod. Again...
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Any Vostok komadirskie collectors out there ?

I recently came across on eBay a Vostok watch variant "smersh" with "death to spies" text. I realise this may come as a controversial watch however I...
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Anyone know owt?

I've been naughty. I've bought another watch (wait, this is watchcrunch, the only place on the Internet where I wouldn't be considered mental for buyi...
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Really starting to feel like deja vu

Hi all. After my last buy I have been banned from buying anymore watches until after my birthday, but I saw this and fell in love. So I did the ration...
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What is this?

Hi all. So my watch repair kit has finally arrived from Mr Bezos' house of fun so naturally my first thought was to crack some casebacks off. I remove...
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Trading Luxury for Affordable

Has anyone else been on a similar watch journey? I started out buying a few "luxury" watches (Vintage Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch...
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