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The TicTac machine

I was just thinking about “in-house” movements while getting the 710 Amphibia (it’s actually spelled Amfibia in Russian) ready for this day. Some of u...

Which caseback should i use for this watch?

(FYI, the image is not my own) Hey guys, gals, and those in between! I’m thinking about getting this dressy number of a Vostok, but the caseback art feels out of place. It has a tank on it lol. I woul...
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My Thanksgiving themed watches. I’m gonna go with the first Orient on top tommorow, what are you wearing tomorrow? 🦃


All my current Diver/Diver style watches 🤿. Let me see yours 👀


Vostok Amphibian 740383 🟠

Just came in yesterday. I’m in love.

Vostok Komandirskie 650856 🟢today.


New bezel insert and bracelet for one of my Amphibias

Kind of a Black Bay 58 vibe with this one.

It Arrived!

I just picked up my 24 hour dial Vostok from the post office a few minutes ago. I’m absolutely amazed by the condition, it’s much better than I was ex...

interesting vostok i got

amphibia kgb design

Have a watch comrade, the people and the party commended so.

Playing with the Vostok Amphibia and trying to catch some silly distortions from its thick acrylic got me to wonder about the Soviet’s watch industry....