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7.08” / 17.98 cm Wrist
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Alternative use of complications

I recently started to use the minute tracker of my #seagull #1963 to tell me the date. As you can see on the minute tracker I can see the date 😉 Ok I...

Katabami watches

Hi. Recently I found this guy on Instagram, he makes heavily aged watches with a technique well described on the homepage of the site. I am divided be...

Boderry Voyager bronze - what strap?

Hi there. I cannot resist the prize and the fascinating look and gifted to myself this bad boy for Christmas. It comes in a leather zulu, big, bulky.....

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commented on A rare night on the town! ·

Agreed. The distinction between a dress and e non dress watch is feeble nowadays especially with chronographs. Still depends on the occasion in my opinion, but you can surely dress up that watch.

commented on Thank you watch crunchers!!! ·

Congratulations. Good choice in my opinion.

commented on mrcorso's WRUW ·

If It only had some sort of water resistance 😂

commented on Throwback with modern movement! ·

Fantastic piece, I would have preferred an automatic version.. still a beauty

commented on New Zenith officially sized ·

Woah! Boy that's beautiful!

commented on His and Hers (Casio never disappoints😁😎) ·

Nice gesture from you lady! She also picked two really nice and versatile little Casios. How sweet. I agree with those who say that she is a keeper

commented on LET THE LUME WARS BEGIN! ·

also, my #phoibos Nebula never upsets you.


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Give me a good reason not to watch for a Phoibos Nebula

Hi fellas, I need your aid... I fell in love with this watch, still cannot decide if i prefer green one or blue one... Pleaaaase give me a reason not...

How much the quality of your tools changes the way you operate

Recently I acquired a bergeon 6767. I noticed a big big change, not only in the percieved quality, but also during the use. Given that my other tool comes from an Amazon kit that costs as the bergeon...
136 votes ·

Am I the only one to hate nato straps?

I see everyone loving nato straps (even on absurd watches i.e. on an iwc Portuguese...). I almost feel bad. I don't like at all nato straps. Am I the only one? (Photo from the internet)
67 votes ·

Show me your Duro on a bracelet!

I received this beauty as a gift from a friend that felt to be in debt with me for a favour. I love it, using it on the beach ecc... The rubber strap...

Straps for Frederique Constant CLASSIC FC-303/310/315X4P4/5/6

Hi there! I have this watch with the original bracelet you can see in the photo and the original leather band. I would like to spice things up what do you suggest? Thank you
22 votes ·