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More money to waste or a collector's item? 🤔 SPB441/SART001; 1,000 worldwide limite...

Weekend Shots

Just photos with my Octo Finissimo. Have a great Sunday everyone 😊

Why do you need to own a moonphase?

So you might be clicking this post and be thinking like it's one of those watch nerds, trying to promote a certain watch complication.... NO! It's not...

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commented on vincefung's WRUW ·

Sorry OP Vincent for hijacking your post 🙏

We are just excited GS fanboys bunch, lashing out our admiration of your timepiece as well as GS related topics....🤓

commented on vincefung's WRUW ·

You've nailed the description nicely, AI 👍

This one is JDM... and i received the letter just 2 days ago. It has only 150LE, I bet it will be sold out immediately... better place an interest first 🙂

No date FTW!

commented on vincefung's WRUW ·


GS9 is calling me

150 PCs worldwide

Coming soon 😁

commented on got_time_1's WRUW ·

Go on easy for the wallet.

It's a fun experience and that is all you need. 🥳


commented on This still makes me laugh ·


"And the weather is very nice. Shall we go for a walk later, honey?" 😙 (slowly tug away my new watch from sight.) 😁

commented on None of My Friends or Family Cares About Watches 😭 😢 ·

You came to the right place. 😂

Actually, who cares. It's your hobby why need others approval ??

commented on Mark.L's WRUW ·

Hahaha I wish.

We need a secretary to look after our possessions. 🤣


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.....and I pulled the trigger!

So glad I got this! I'm a happy man ! (This is the shortest decision I made in my watch purchases 🤠 )

Explorer II 16570 in 3185 or 3186 or it doesn't matter?

While I was doing my casual browsing on my local online sales platform, an old love - a 2005 explorer II came up to me. This time, it's the polar dial...

Underwhelmed by a recent watch purchase. Is there anyone into fountain pen?

Hi fellow crunchers, I would like to tell my story about a recent watch purchase. A few weeks ago, I shared my admiration of Montblanc's 1858 Geospher...

Is the value proposition so important in choosing a watch, or has it become a cliché?

Lately, I have been thinking about this. How often do we want to find a 'bang for buck' timepiece instead of choosing something we love? Its fascinati...

Dilemma in choosing on a haute hologerie

Hello, fellow crunchers! I need your help in my decision-making. Feel free to add in your suggestions if you have other candidates to recommend other...