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Great brand but I think they're pricing themselves out of a lot of business

Luckily i got this on sale. Built like a tank literally! I want to say the movement is in the 775_ family but I'm not sure. I don't think it's a 7750...

Why do I torture myself?

I had no business walking into the store and wasting everyone's time but I had to look! OMG the ranger on bracelet?!?! This is the first time I've eve...

Best value in Swiss watches?

I'm sure there are plenty of options out there but my choice would be Hamilton. I paid a little over $400 years ago. This watch does not cut corners....

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got_time_1 commented on Great brand but I think they're pricing themselves out of a lot of business ·

The watch is titanium but it's close

got_time_1 commented on The Latest Limited Edition from Longines. ·

I quite like it! Although I don't think I'd get one.

got_time_1 commented on Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call! ·

Great story and congrats! I really like the air king myself.

got_time_1 commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

Shoot that's a pretty sweet looking duro!

got_time_1 commented on Conquest Chronograph 42mm Mens Watch Silver ·

Definitely 🔥🔥🔥

got_time_1 commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

Those S&Gs are sharp!

got_time_1 commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

I think out of all the watches, that's the most realistic one I would get, not only because it's the most affordable but because it can be something I can wear more often, almost a daily.

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You have many divers but you can't even swim

Guilty 🤭. When this watch came out, I had to have it! I waited till I found it on sale then I pounced! Worried about fitting it under your cuff? Forg...

EDC for the day

The watch changes but everything else stays the same. Today it's a citizen nighthawk on steward strap. I've always been an android guy but my music is...

Blue watch Monday!

When I saw this was coming out a couple years ago I knew I had to get it! Limited to 50 pieces for each size I ordered it the second it went up for sa...

Sometimes I dress up... and my best Costco purchase!

Yes the first thing I do when I go to Costco is head straight to the watch section to see what watches they have. I have gotten a few of my watches th...

Black Friday is evil!

But i have to be strong lol

"Fashion brands"

I've had my share, I still have a few in fact and I do still wear them. They're what got me started collecting. I had a very cool gun metal colored Ca...