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A watch to celebrate an achievement

Bit of a context here, About 10 years ago and after years of frustration because I wasn't able to make a living as a professional musician, I decided...
Longines Hydroconquest today! Hope everyone is enjoying the day 馃檶馃徏

Goals for 2024-2025 馃寶馃対馃寶

Just wondering what people plans are for buying over the next year and if anyone has a particularly cool theam for there own collection. :) I'm going...

My Watch Collection Goals

Starting my second year in WatchCrunch. I have the following watch related goals for myself. 1. Work on being less confrontational, more understanding...

What is the most expensive watch you would like to REALISTICALLY own?

Ok.. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 alone in the fact that I have a list of watches that I would like to realistically someday own. I say realistically because alt...

That's the new work screensaver sorted 馃槀

Took far too long to make this but still makes me chuckle.

Watch Collecting Goals for 2024

Hi Watch Crunch Fam! What are your upcoming watch collecting goals for 2024? Personally, I鈥檓 looking to downsize my collection. Ideally, I鈥檇 like to h...

Collecting Themes

I鈥檝e noticed a few types of collectors on here. Curious to see how this goes. Which type are you? They only allow up to 4 choices, so I鈥檓 splitting it into two posts of 3. Hoarder- You have multiple w...
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One of my watch goals is to replace this Pagani with a Speedmaster. In the meantime this鈥檒l do! Wears pretty good with an Uncle Straps bracelet.

Collecting Themes pt2

Prestigious - jewelers use pictures of your watches on billboards. Some people live in houses that cost less than the contents of your box. Loyalist- Maybe you have 2 or maybe 20 but the collection is...
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