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An unexpected surprise part 2 ..the pondering

So as most you you will know (in kidding of course I imagine my posts here get about 10 people reading it max 😂) I'm moving I guess to a moon/space t...

An unexpected surprise

So after popping into my local goldmsiths it turns out that my friend had ordered the older gen Sapphire sandwich version...drum roll Wow. What a watc...

So I'm going to see a man about a speedy tomorrow...the goal continues old vs new

So in the ongoing presuit of revamping my collection , I'm going to go try on this bad boy again , if I love it then I'll be trading in a few watches...

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commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

A customer once shows he had a Rolex and I asked how the winding on the crown was ...he said "no it's one you shake" I was literally left speechless and just walked away.

commented on 💳💸💰Bigger Purchases💰💸💳 ·

0% finance baby :) it's great! got my whole collection using it. The whole paying in full is very old-school but I appreciate as I get older and more educated with rpe owned models that there are some bargains to be had at a much lower price , so I am leaning towards buying outright.

commented on The Story of the Lunar Pilot ·


commented on Pampering Watch ·

If a watch is limited edition , sometimes it can justify a little more care , as servicing can somtimes (long term ) be an issue with LE models

commented on An unexpected surprise ·


commented on Making Sacrifices ·

I've dialled down my buying apseraitons as even with a discount, the service costs just add up , I am pretty happy with where my collection is heading now and once I'm done , I'll be taking a very very long break from buying anything watch wise unless it straps.

commented on Catskinner's WRUW ·

Got this last weekend , love it ! Defo a keeper

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Goals for 2024-2025 🌚🌝🌚

Just wondering what people plans are for buying over the next year and if anyone has a particularly cool theam for there own collection. :) I'm going...

NWA Gotta get that moon

So after meeting an online friend from a watch forum I came across this model about six months ago. I love it so much that when they released this mod...

Quartz Question, Long term storage tips

Hello fellow Internet users. I have a question/ am looking for advoce regarding long term storage tips for a quartz watch ( i.e looking for general gu...

White dial speedy

Wondered over in my lunch to try on the new speedy white dial , it's pretty cool actually. The white does not effect legibility or weariblity , and ov...

Have you ever found a design you considered to be timeless?

So recently after trying on to many watches I can across the top time... After researching the design history and looking at all the colors and models...

Do you agree with AI? A watchcolleting strategy and perspective

Hello lovely people of WC Its your neighborhood 😺 I had an interesting thought... I was thinking about collcting watches and almost went to the crazy...