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What's my next diver?

This Citizen is my first diver, but it doesn't satisfied me... Thinking of selling it and going for a Tissot seastar but not sure about it... Any othe...
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Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 300 First Impressions

Hello friends! On Tuesday, I received notice from CW that my C60 Trident Pro 300 had shipped. Amazingly, 2 days later it made it across the pond to my...
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Hiking for the weekend

Algonquin park
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Deep Blue Diver

I鈥檝e heard a lot about these watches over the past year and finally got one. my first impression is it鈥檚 a really nicely built watch. I like the color...
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Picked up my first Revelot

Got my Revelot R10 Admiral glacier luminova on steel bracelet. Snagged it 4 minutes into the early-bird window. Also able to add a blue silicone strap...
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Need More Nickel Free Dive watch options?

So... as it turns out I am "very" allergic to nickel and my apparently stainless steel watches have too much nickel content for me to wear anymore......
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Best Vintage Inspired Diver for 6.5'' Wrist

Hey all!, New to the community and excited to be a part of it! I'm on the hunt for a solid, vintage inspired diver for a 6.5'' wrist that's at or belo...
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Diver Watches....what gives?

Ok, so I have been seeing watches which claim to be 100m, 200m, 300m water resistant, etc. But then, there's usually a disclaimer that says not to wea...
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A Tale of Two Homages

It's funny what I've bought over the years without realising exactly what I'd bought until fairly recently. I had no idea that these two watches were...
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A couple of questions about straps

Can you tell me what the style of rubber strap I have on my Vostok Amphibia is called? I also have one on my Ingersoll (in my gallery) if you can see...
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