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Budget watch sound off!

I just got this little 34mm cutie for $120. I’ve had a tough month and wanted something bright and fun for summer! ☀️This cheered me up and didn’t bre...

Case diameter + watch girl thoughts.

There is a lot of data to sift through when looking at watches. The first measurement most people consider is case diameter. As many brands embrace a...

Tell me your watch journey origin story!

It’s getting late here in Colorado and I want to wind down with a story. 😴 Tonight’s topic: why watches? How did you get started? Do you come from a...

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commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch ·

Wow, that’s beautiful!

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

Looks great on the blue!

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

Now THAT’S a watch! 🧛🏻‍♂️

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

No way! I haven’t seen a ton of these and only found one review. That’s awesome! *Synchronize Swatches!*

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

I love this one!

commented on Case diameter + watch girl thoughts. ·

Excellent thoughts! I feel like it’s not something I think about all the time, but it’s something I’m aware of when purchasing a new watch. I wouldn’t choose the larger model just to be contrarian, but it’s also tough when the only option is 42mm+ and it feels almost comically large. I agree with you to buy what I like and ignore the hecklers. 😉

commented on Case diameter + watch girl thoughts. ·

These look amazing! I do enjoy a big watch with some presence… but hitting it on stuff gets a little old. 😅

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Birthday MoonSwatch. 🥳

I got this watch as a birthday gift two years ago. Felt only natural it joined me again for my b-day festivities yesterday! Still pairs just as nicely...

Diner days.

Had an amazing chicken-fried steak in Seligman, AZ off Route 66. I’m grateful to the Oris Divers 65 Cotton Candy Sepia (in bronze!) for being a wonder...

📍Petrified Forest NP.

An Oris and a Seiko walk into a bar… a sandbar! There’s something giddily ironic about wearing a diver in the desert. 🏜️

Route 66.

Checking out the Mother Road with @Gasanche and his SKX007. 📍Grants, NM.

Matchy matchy. 👯‍♀️

Sure, you can match your watch to your outfit, but the reeeeeal enthusiasts pick one based on the destination. 😂

Post Watch Shop Treat. 🥤

I had to get this beauty sized this weekend and the shop is an hour away. I made sure to get some treats at America’s favorite burger joint nearby. I...