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Let's Swap Watch Stories

Hey guys I'm relatively new as a Cruncher, but loving it. In my day job I'm a political journalist. For fun, I set up a little website where people ca...

Do you trust other people's watches?

When somebody asks what time it is... Do you take their word for it?
97 votes ·

Citizen Eco Drive Three Watch Collection Complete

Dress, Dive, and Field. BM8240-03E (Corso), BN0169-03X (Promaster Diver), and BM8478-01L (Garrison Chandler) Picked up the dress (8240) today, a Walma...

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commented on Anyone else back on the F1 train today? ·

Oooh on my wish list. You like it?

commented on Mark Long Island's take on Teddy opening a Store ·

Love Marc and Teddy!

commented on Do you trust other people's watches? ·

I say I say I say the commentary matches the avatar, that's for sure.

commented on gocards02's WRUW ·


commented on bomble's WRUW ·

It's from a movie is the hint.

commented on bomble's WRUW ·

Now that is a throwback.

commented on Just buy a F91W, you nerds! ·

I bought so much gold for the upcoming apocalypse now you're telling me I have to learn smelting?!?

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Some new hot color schemes for the A168

And some new designs coming, too! I just wish Casio had a metal bezeled F-91 (or equivalent) for sale all of the time, as the plated bezels never appe...

Another Fossil Firesale

These guys are going for $43 to $53. Quiet with decent finishing for the price, but no lume whatsoever was a downer for me. I love my Seiko 5 Field an...

A Quartz to Keep Me Company in My Twilight

Prasanth Parmar on his Grand Seiko SBGX261

A Quartz to Keep Me Company in My Twilight

Hubba Hubba. Who wants the new CASIOTRON?

What would Jesus Wear?

I don't know why this thought occurred to me today at mass, but I figured Jesus would probably wear a solar G-Shock. What do you think Jesus would wea...

NWA- Citizen Garrison

After the purchase of my recent ProMaster, was keeping an eye on other Citizen watches that have been of interest, and this Garrison Weekender was one...