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Big news: movement has arrived! - my GMT project

Hello WatchCrunchers!! The Sellita SW330 GMT finally arrived. I waited so long 馃槩 (the initial delivery was scheduled for late July 2023 馃槀 ). The bea...


Hello, everyone! Happy Friday! I hope your week has been great. I recently acquired a custom-made, richly textured brown alligator strap. Initially co...

Date wheels

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Timeless Proportions

I鈥檓 a professional designer with a degree in architecture and a career mostly spent as a Disney Imagineer designing theme parks around the world. Thos...

Trying out different colourways 馃敶馃數馃煝馃煚

Trying out different colourways, let us know your favourite!

Hey! Why are you buying that!?

What is the most important consideration in your decision to buy a watch? I understand there are many factors which go into a watch purchase, but what is the primary factor for you? Is it the value th...
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Unfortunate faces!

Lets see your candidates for most unfortunate anthropomorphic watchface 'faces'. My submission is this Dimacci Deauville. Sad or shocked? Deffo depres...

Which one should I produce and sell?

I'm having so much fun developing new watch designs and I want to share them with you to also collect insight in what you guys like. I have designed 4 different styles of watches. Which one would you...
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Muhle time

I love this Muhle. It obviously takes its design from the instrumentation that Muhle used to specialise in. Everything on the dial in exquisitely alig...


The moonphase complication (however useless it may be) just adds so much to a dial imo. It may be a pain to set too but so many reviewers mention the word 鈥榬omance鈥 when a moonphase is present. The bo...