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ChronoGuy ·

What types of watch design give you a viscerally negative reaction (or positive reaction)?

So I was reading my email today and received the daily update from WatchTime. I opened the link saw this watch and my stomach literally heaved with ne...
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roberto ·

Flat? Matte? What is that?

How would you describe the dial texture and finishing of the 2022 Fortis Stratoliner S-41 White Dust and the 2010 Seiko “Spacewalk” Spring Drive SPS00...
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roberto ·

D for Design

Anyone have experience with D-shaped (or reversed D-shape) watches to share? Any other watches to add to the six I have assembled here? Bulova Accutro...
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nytime ·

What are some quirks you look for in a watch?

I think the most obvious things people look for in a watch are of course, the design and specs. Price is definitely a huge thing too. Some people real...
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orforddesign ·

This was the first watch I ever designed.

So i was going through some old files and found this, i thought it was interesting enough to post, it is from 2011. I'm a jeweller/goldsmith by trade...
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roberto ·

Blog Recommendation: by Seiko watch design

Here’s another blog pointer… by Seiko watch design has been pretty quiet lately, but the archives are there and they contain plenty of interesting (if...
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nytime ·

What are some watches that grew on you? (Whether you own it or not)

(Photo credits: ) When I first saw the Co...
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roberto ·

La nouvelle vague d’horlogerie

Historically there have been many brands that have roots in France, several as part of fashion houses: Cartier, Breguet, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermè...
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roberto ·

Seiko, Ettore Sottsass, Haruki Murakami, and Heuer

In 1992, Seiko worked with Italian designer Ettore Sottsass to produce a collection of watches. I have included several images at the top of this post...
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JDinAZ ·

Iconic Kickstarter watch?

The design of this watch actually stopped me in my tracks with its pivoting lugs that form to the wrist. I love unique design and dare I say, one day,...
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