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Watch identification

Can any Crunchies identify this one?

Stallone's Patek Grandmaster Chime sale

What does Stallone's Patek Grandmaster Chime sell for next week...
169 votes

"Can I wear your Jack?" 馃槄 鈾ワ笍

Tonight my 11 year old asked if he could "wear my Jack" to his school's western-themed dance. Heck yeah you can kiddo . Love u lil man, my lil Crunchi...

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commented on Stallone's Patek Grandmaster Chime sale

Yeah, it'll get the celebrity $ bump... 馃檮

commented on EILorez's WRUW

Ok. It's been 4 mo. since this post 馃槃 and I'm checking out these Withings options... How's it holding up? Good enough to be a daily?

commented on Need an 馃А for the collection...

Agreed 馃憤馃徏

commented on Need an 馃А for the collection...

Ok. After a wk of votes by my fav Crunchies, Nodus has the lead by a very thin margin! 馃槃

commented on What鈥檚 your favourite lyrics on time?

This was from a couple yrs back, but still hits from my country playlist...

Young Man, Jamestown Revival

commented on Inventor of Network Time Protocol passed away Wednesday

There better be at least one manuf out there with a limited edition tribute watch release. They can collab with (or similar) as a fundraiser.

Let's support this Legend.


commented on Would you?

Good luck with the launch Z! That HZ1 burgundy looks sharp 馃憤馃徏馃敟

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Eoniq Design?

Ok Crunchies, who has tried and what was your experience? Customer service, Design, Quality, Etc.

Need an 馃А for the collection...

Really really cannot choose between these four options. Need y'all! Thanks in advance! 馃А馃憤馃徏鈱
373 votes

Watch ID...

Does anyone recognize this make/model?

ISO white dial...

Looking for recommendations for a nice white-dial to add to the collection... 40mm, Glow-in-dark hands, Date feature, and Price range: $400-$600 Somet...