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I Found The Exact Moment I Got Into Watches

While watching Matt Farah on his podcast 'The Smoking Tire' back in Fall 2019 he made the following comments (@1:25:58):

Laarvee: True Love Matters?

It's already an oldie, but do we love or hate it? Please show your Laarvee if you got one!


What would make your almost-perfect watch truly perfect?

I have a fairly small collection of watches I love. Sometimes I wonder to myself, "if I could keep only one, which would it be?" Without hesitation, m...

Which do you like better?

I want to buy a new watch and I'm torn between these two. They are roughly the same price, same movement, and will most likely become a daily wear.


I put an eye on this Marine Star some time ago and it's now one of my faves.

Do I love this help me here do I love this or an I in the mood to pick up a watch I like the design i...

I haven't got a thing to wear 馃槈

I also have leather/rubber/metal options, and a couple on order! I'm an addict! Am I alone in this? 馃槼

Are you over 30 and still rocking Gshocks?

Okay, please don't shoot the messenger. I did not create the video, I'm simply reacting to it. At the 4:12 mark on the video in which our Youtuber des...

Looking for a new watch. Budget is $300!

Please leave any suggestions. My collection ^^^ Here are the watches I have my eye on: Timex Pan Am Chrono ($200) Seiko Spirit Chrono Quartz ($150) Gl...

Tag Heuer get moody with their new Monaco Night Driver

If, like me, you watched Ryan Gosling in 2011鈥檚 鈥楧rive鈥 and decided from that point on that you鈥檇 become a strong, silent getaway driver with impeccab...