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Notawatchsnob ·

Teddy Baldassarre parody

If You like him as much as we do you'll love this
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buettner ·

Incoming - Going from OF 116519 to full metal 116509

After a little over a year with the 116519, white gold Daytona on oyster flex with silver panda dial, I decided to make the move to the full bracelet...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Buy a set of watch straps, help save the world? #8 (A bunch o' different watch straps)

Charity auction for a lot of watch straps! From left to right: 1. 20mm Green Vario single pass leather Nato 2. 20mm Brown @Jericho hand-made chicken f...
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ShapesOfHorology ·

Mini Seiko Collection

After 3 years of hunting, I'm glad to showcase this mini 3 watch Seiko collection. The Lord Matic 5606-5000 from Suwa with the caliber 56 as Suwa's la...
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CoachCasey ·

Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT

Todays watch. Just picked this up and I love it. super comfortable.
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timegeek ·

Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage?

Here's an interesting true story appropriate for #greenfridays #greenwatches #verdeviernes A flipper buys a green #rolexsubmariner for 11 years in a r...

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever
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Rynofishing ·

My vintage pulsar is on the chopping block?!?!?

This is one of my favorite designs from the 1980s and also I love 1980s pulsar watches. So, I thought this is going to be one of my most worn watch ev...
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golfping59 ·

Bracelets or straps?

I'm a bracelet die hard. Can be dressed up or down without an issue. What about you folks?
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TypicalAsian ·

How safe is wearing a luxury watch in your city?

I’d say it’s pretty safe here in HK. It’s either pocket picking (aiming for small), or a huge robbery (at watch dealers), but that doesn’t happen ofte...
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