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Endymion87 ·

A California dial for my birthday

My birthday was a couple a days ago but this watch arrived today and I can't take my eyes out of my wrist. I was looking for a California dial in a cu...
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Justingalore ·

Blacked out Cartier Tank?

The AR on the Cartier website had a moment and created this vanta black version - all apart from the blue hands and cabochon. Doesn’t it look smart? I...
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marcoh ·

Omega Speedmaster

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honedwatches ·

Black Samurai

I know it looks like it’s a Big Black Samurai on my boney wrist but it is really comfortable.
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dgstng ·

Need help for a black dial/all black watch!

Hi enthusiasts! I need some advice/help, i'm looking for a black dial or all-black watch. I have some filters: 100M (if crown is screw-down) or above...
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gbelleh ·

Finally fixed the one problem with the Tudor Black Bay 58

The Black Bay 58 is one of my favorite watches, but every time I wear it, I’m made to look like a fool several times a day as I attempt to check the d...
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ansWatches ·

Omega Diver 300m - black/black

#omega #diver #300m #ceramic #black
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Cosmodoc ·

Definitely the best watch in my collection!

The design. the history of the model and brand, the value for money, the accuracy of the movement, the clarity of the crystal, the water resistance, t...
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Rossgallin ·

Seven Sins Diver

Wearing the quirky Seven Sins Diver by Core Timepieces today. The days are swapped for the deadly sins and the hands are shaped like a switch blade ....
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dgstng ·

Does anyone know this watch?

Found dozens of similar ones but couldn't find what this one is. Bracelet recalls me Bvlgari Octo series but it is not in the range as far as i've see...
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