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Do you bind your watch with memories?

In a good and bad ways, my watches are some kind of “memory card” for me. I often remember which events I experience while wearing a watch. For instan...

Turns out…I spend more time than anticipated on WC

So…this got weird. I don’t have instagram on this phone, but I know for sure I’d get much more screen time on WC then IG. Congrats WatchCrunch, the en...

Deep Black Watches: Boring or Traditionally Beautiful?

As I fall deeper into the abyss of watch collecting, I sometimes spend my free time watching (pun intended) at my collection and ponder. During one of...

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commented on A little buyer's remorse ·

I can see why you feel that way. One of the defining feature of a Grand Seiko is its detailed dial.

But I can’t really say no to a beautiful rich black dial like yours. Still a fantastic purchase!

commented on Munch News 📰 ·

Thanks for the shout-out!

commented on Are there watches you reserve specifically for the weekend? ·

Lately reserving my diver for the weekends. Tend to find the weight distracting

commented on Hockey puck ·

Nice piece! Totally unrelated, but is your wrist size 80cm? 😂

commented on Newest Arrival ·

One of the most interesting and innovative rolex. You got a great taste

commented on Date night with my love (and my wife) 🤣 ·

I envy you mate, she looks hot!

And cool wife bro

commented on Hockey puck ·

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Timex’s loud ticking: It’s a Feature not a Bug!

So this just happened. Was looking for my Timex watch in my cupboard but can’t find it. Until… I heard the loud loud tick courtesy of my Timex Weekend...

I can feel myself slipping into watch addiction. Need advice!

Last watch that I bought (my wife bought me, but she let me pick whichever I like) was on December last year. This week however, I lost my streak and...

Acquired my first Hamilton (and Swiss) watch

I was looking for a new (used) watch to add to my collection. Never having a swiss watch before, I must say that the fit and finish are different from...

Do you prefer buying new or used?

I’m new to the used watch world. I was in shock when I tried to sell one of my watch and finding out that it got a hefty price decrease. Makes me wonder is it worth it to buy new? What’s your take?
159 votes ·

New (to my collection) Seiko5 with Arabic Day indicator

I’ve been itching for a new watch for a while, but currently don’t have a budget for it. So i went second hand market and found some watches that I li...

What DIY approach have you done to make your watch the way you want it to be?

I just bought a third-party president beacelet online. Upon arrival, I was happy seeing the great build quality despite the price (around $20). But wh...